Pickleball, the wildly popular paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, has taken the nation by storm. With its easy-to-learn rules and fast-paced yet low-impact action, it’s a game that appeals to all ages and skill levels.

So what do you get the pickle-obsessed pal who has everything? Fear not, we’ve scoured the web to curate the ultimate pickleball gift ideas with plenty of dill-icious options to suit any budget or playing style. Get ready to dink your way into their hearts with these ace presents!

Pickleball Gift Ideas

Portable Pickleball Nets

For the pickler always seeking new places to play:

Portable Pickleball Net System – This lightweight, easy-to-setup net allows you to turn any flat surface into a pickleball court. It’s perfect for the player who likes to hit the road or just set up an impromptu game in the park or driveway.

Pickleball Net & Carrying Case – With an included carry bag, this durable net makes portable pickleball a breeze. The built-in stakes help anchor it securely to grass or hard surfaces.

EastPoint Sports Go Gamer Portable Net – This affordable pick has a clever design that tensions the net without guy lines, perfect for taking the game on the go without fuss.

Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball Paddles

For swinging in style on the courts:

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro – This top-shelf graphite paddle offers awesome power and spin with its textured honeycomb face. Perfect for the aggressive banger in your life.

Upstreet Premier Power Pickleball Paddle – A top value pick with a polypropylene honeycomb core and cushioned grip, built to help players generate pace on drives.

HEAD Extreme Tour Paddle – For the true paddle connoisseur, this premium graphite paddle checks all the boxes with an ergonomic grip and textured graphene face.

Apparel & Accessories

To keep them properly outfitted on and off the court:

Dry-Fit Visors/Caps – Keep the sun out of their eyes with a breathable, sporty visor or cap with moisture-wicking technology in fun prints or their favorite team colors.

Quick-Dry Shirts/Shorts – Technically advanced tops and bottoms designed for pickleball with four-way stretch, odor control and sweat-wicking properties.

Shoe Options – Look for court shoes with grippy soles to prevent slips and ankle support for all those rapid stops and starts. Popular picks like the K-Swiss Express Light or Adidas Ubersonic lines.

Overgrips – Upgrade their paddle’s grip with replacements like the Gamma Hi-Tec grip for sweat absorption and comfort.

Training Aids

Training Aids

For taking their game to new levels:

Pickleball Tutor – This nifty tool serves up balls at different angles to hone reactions for dinks, volleys and more. A great training partner!

Pickleball Trainer Balls – Designed to arc lower and move slower than standard balls, these weighted poly balls are ideal for stroke practice.

Pickleball Optic Lines – Help them visualize optimal court positioning and targeting with these bright, removable court line guides.

Pickleball Ball Options

For that just-right bounce and spin:

Indoor Balls – Made to have a bit more put and grab to compensate for hardwood courts. Brands like Dura or Franklin offer good options.

Outdoor Balls – These typically have a firmer feel and tend to fly faster and bounce higher for outdoor hard court conditions. Popular picks are the Onix Pure 2 Outdoor or Penn 40.

Practice Balls – Go for cheaper poly training balls in bulk like these from PickleballCentral for serving practice without worrying about loss or breakage.

Court Accessories

Court Accessories

For the ultimate comfort and convenience during courtside sessions:

Court Shoe Bags – Keep their court kicks separate from other gear in a ventilated bag made to stow stinky shoes post-match.

Courtside Stools – Sturdy, portable stools offer much-appreciated seating between games or while keeping score. Look for ones with attachments to hang gear.

Scorekeeper Tools – Avoid on-court disputes with simple accessories like dry-erase paddle scorers or electronic scoreboards with audio cues.

Sun Protection – Give them the gift of shade with courtside pop-up canopies, clipon umbrella shades or portable sun shelters.

Cool Novelties

For the pickler who has everything, these unique novelties make great gag or stocking stuffer gifts:

Pickleball Wine Stoppers – Cap off post-match beverages in style with these charming ball-shaped wine toppers.

Pickleball Jewelry – Celebrate their obsession with quirky earrings, necklaces or bracelets featuring pickleball charms and flair.

Pickleball Socks – Let them represent their chosen sport from head to literal toe with these snazzy, sweat-wicking printed crew socks.

Pickleball Books & Videos – Feed their appetite for strategy and skills with instructional books, streaming videos or even historical tomes about the game’s origins.

Gifts to Splurge On

Gifts to Splurge On

When only the very best will do for your baller:

Premium Pickleball Shoes – High-end court shoes like the Adidas UbersonicPro or ASICS Gel-Rocket offer superior traction, lateral support and durability.

Top-Tier Paddles – For serious players, invest in elite paddles from Paddletek, Selkirk or Ben Johns lines with premium materials and pro-level spin/control.

Smart Court Systems – Bring their home court into the 21st century with systems like the Playmate Ball Machine or HUHU833 Smart Court lines with automatic ball feeds, scorekeeping and video recording.

Private Lessons – Treat them to intensive personal coaching sessions from certified pickleball pros to hone their technique and tactics.

Pickleball Subscription Boxes

For the player who loves a regular infusion of fresh gear:

Dink Pickleball Box – This popular subscription delivers a new assortment of paddle grips, balls, snacks and accessories bi-monthly.

Pickleball Player Pack – Curated by players, each monthly shipment contains balls, overgrips, cooling towels and other hand-picked surprises.

Pickle Merch – In addition to gear, this quarterly box includes exclusive branded apparel, keychains, water bottles and other fun swag.

Pampering Essentials

Pampering Essentials

To rejuvenate and recover like a pro after grueling matches:

Massage Tools & Therapy Guns – Relieve sore muscles and aid recovery with heated massage balls, foam rollers or percussive therapy devices.

Muscle Rubs/Ice Packs – Soothe aches and pains with topical analgesics or targeted cold therapy like reusable gel packs.

Hydration Helpers – Electrolyte drink mixes, insulated water bottles and hydration backpacks to stay hydrated on and off the court.

Spa Pampering Sets – Scented bath bombs, therapeutic massage oils and luxury lotions make a thoughtful way to help them unwind after competition.


So whether your pickleball paramour prefers dinking at the net or blasting blistering serves from the baseline, you’re now fully equipped to ace the perfect gift for any skill level or budget. Just be warned – once you indulge their obsession, be prepared for plenty of friendly games and trash talk in your future!

FAQs About Pickleball Gift Ideas

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a pickleball paddle as a gift?

The most crucial factor is matching the paddle to the player’s skill level and playing style. For beginners or recreational players, prioritize an affordable paddle with a polypropylene honeycomb core that provides a nice balanced feel. More advanced or competitive players will appreciate premium paddles made with graphite, carbon fiber or graphene faces that maximize control, power and spin potential.

How can I find pickleball shoes that provide proper support and traction?

Look for court shoes specifically designed for the lateral movement and quick stops required in pickleball. Some key features to look for include: non-marking gum rubber soles with good tread patterns, ample lateral support around the ankles, breathable uppers, and reinforced toe boxes. Well-known tennis or volleyball shoe brands like K-Swiss, Adidas, ASICS and Babolat offer good options.

What types of pickleball balls are best for indoor vs outdoor play?

For indoor courts like wood or composite surfaces, balls designed for indoor play like Dura or Franklin offerings work better. These have a bit more put and grab to compensate for the faster trajectories. For outdoor hard courts, firmer outdoor balls like the Onix Pure 2 or Penn 40 that fly faster and bounce higher are preferable.

Why are portable pickleball nets a great gift idea?

Portable nets allow players to set up a pickleball court nearly anywhere there’s a flat surface – parks, driveways, parking lots and more. This expands their playing options tremendously. These lightweight nets are easy to transport, simple to setup and break down, and open up all kinds of new places to play.

What are some good training aids to help improve a player’s skills?

Popular training tools include: the Pickleball Tutor (which serves balls at different angles to sharpen reaction time), poly practice balls (which move slower for swing drills), and optic lines (removable line guides that visually reinforce optimal court positioning and targeting). Instructional books, streaming videos and private coaching lessons can also aid improvement.

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