Celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary is a major milestone. A decade of marriage deserves to be commemorated with a thoughtful, meaningful gift. While the traditional 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas are tin or aluminium, modern gift ideas include diamond jewellery, experiences, and personalized photo albums.

This guide covers wonderful 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas for him, for her, and for couples to enjoy together. Read on for unique and creative gift recommendations to make your 10th anniversary truly special.

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts

Tin and Aluminum: The traditional 10th-anniversary gift is made from tin or aluminium. Tin and aluminium represent durability, strength, and flexibility. These materials are modern yet classic, just like a lasting marriage. Traditional 10th-anniversary gifts include:

  • Tin or aluminium jewellery boxes, trays, or sculpture pieces
  • Personalized tin or aluminum plaques and signs
  • Tin buckets filled with 10 sentimental gifts
  • Vintage tin lunch boxes, mugs, or utensils
  • Aluminum briefcases or toolboxes engraved with names/dates

Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts

Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts

Diamond Jewelry: Diamonds are the modern 10th-anniversary gemstone. A diamond represents enduring love and the strength of a marriage that has sparkled through 10 years together. Diamond jewellery gifts include:

Diamond rings – eternity bands or anniversary bands with diamonds all around

Diamond necklaces – solitaire pendants, diamond initial necklaces

Diamond earrings – studs, halo earrings, diamond hoops

Diamond bracelets – bangles, cuffs, tennis bracelets

Experiences: Experience gifts allow a couple to enjoy quality time together and create lasting memories. Ideas include:

  • Couples massage or spa day
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Concert or music festival tickets
  • Weekend getaway or trip to a romantic destination
  • Cooking, wine tasting, or art class

10th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Personalized Watch: A beautiful watch is a traditional gift for him. Make it meaningful with custom engraving or choose a style that fits his personality.

Grilling Tools: For the husband who loves cooking outdoors, upgrade his grill tools and accessories. Look for high-quality items he can use for years to come.

Sports Tickets: Give him tickets to see his favorite sports team or an annual pass to play golf at a local club. Combine it with a jersey or hat for a sports gift basket.

Tech Gadget: Does he love gadgets? Surprise him with the latest phone, tablet, headphones, or watch.

10th Anniversary Gifts for Her

10th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Pearl Jewelry: Classic pearls are the traditional 10th anniversary gemstone. She’ll treasure pearl earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

Luxury Purse: Spoil her with a designer handbag, wallet, or tote bag. Look for her favorite luxury brand in a style she’ll carry for years.

Pampering Spa Set: Help her relax and rejuvenate with scented lotions, bath bombs, plush robes, candles, and face masks. Include a gift card for a salon or spa.

Monogrammed Accessories: Elevate her wardrobe with monogrammed items like a cashmere scarf, robe, bag, or jewelry case. Add her initials or name for a custom touch.

10th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

10th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Engraved Photo Album or Frame: Compile your favorite photos from the past 10 years into a sentimental album. Or, frame a meaningful wedding photo with an engraved plaque commemorating your anniversary.

Couples Massage: Schedule side-by-side massages at a spa so you can relax and reconnect. Add champagne or follow it up with a romantic dinner.

Certificate for Dinner and Entertainment: Give the gift of a whole evening out with gift certificates for dinner at your favorite restaurant plus tickets to a show, concert, play, or comedy performance.

Trip to Your Honeymoon Destination: Revisit the spot where you honeymooned with a romantic trip or weekend getaway. Relive beautiful memories and make new ones.

Family Tree: Display your growing family with a custom family tree featuring names and photos. Track special milestones and anniversaries for a thoughtful family keepsake.

Outdoor Patio Set: For couples who entertain, upgrade your outdoor space with cozy seating, stylish string lights, fire pits, serving carts, or other furnishings you can enjoy together.

Unique 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Unique 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Wine: Choose a red wine from the year you were married or the year you met. Personalize the label with your names and anniversary date.

Canvas Guestbook: Reconnect with wedding guests by having them sign a canvas print of your wedding invite or favorite photo. Display this special keepsake.

Custom Artwork: Commission an original work of art featuring your wedding location, venue, or another meaningful image from your big day.

Personalized Coordinates Bracelet: Mark your anniversary date and wedding location with engraved bracelets featuring the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Love Lock: Add your names and anniversary date to a vintage-style lock. Click it closed and preserve your commitment. Display in your home or carry the key on a necklace.

Happily Ever After Blanket: Snuggle under a cozy blanket personalized with your names and anniversary details in a beautiful script font.

Upcycled Wedding Bouquet: Preserve your wedding bouquet in a resin art piece, ornament, or paperweight. Display the flowers from the big day.

DIY 10th Anniversary Gifts

DIY 10th Anniversary Gifts

Memory Capsule: Fill a time capsule with letters to your future selves, wedding memorabilia, current photos, your favorite bottle of wine or spirit, and newspaper clippings. Bury it in your yard or keep it stored away to open later.

Homemade Coupon Book: Make him a cute booklet filled with coupons for breakfast in bed, date nights, back rubs, and other treats you know he’ll enjoy.

Nostalgic Candy Bouquet: Pick her favorite retro candy and fill a vase or bouquet holder to gift as a sweet treat. Include candy you ate on your wedding day or early in your relationship.

Sentimental Scrapbook: Gather mementos like ticket stubs and pressed flowers from your 10 years together. Arrange them in a scrapbook or shadow box frame with your favorite photos.

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Any Budget

Anniversary Gift Under $50: Mugs, frames, blankets, books, jewelry, slippers, wine glasses engraved with your anniversary date

Anniversary Gift Under $100: Nice bottle of wine or champagne from your anniversary year, spa products, designer coffee table books, personalized signs and decor

Anniversary Gift Under $250: Weekend getaway, concert or theater tickets, designer ties and scarves, tech accessories, personalized jewelry

Anniversary Gift Splurge Gifts: Diamond jewelry, luxury handbags and accessories, international trips, new outdoor patio set

Final Words!

Give a gift from the heart, no matter your budget. The most meaningful 10th-anniversary gifts celebrate a decade of marriage filled with fond memories. These ideas make it easy to find personalized and romantic ways to say “Happy 10th Anniversary!”

FAQs About 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What are the traditional gifts for a 10th wedding anniversary?

The traditional 10th anniversary gifts are made from tin or aluminum. These materials represent durability and flexibility. Popular tin and aluminum gifts include jewelry boxes, mugs, plaques, and more engraved with the couple’s names and anniversary date.

What are good 10th anniversary gifts for him?

Great 10th anniversary gifts for him include a personalized watch, tickets to a sports game or concert, grilling tools and accessories, or a tech gadget like a new phone or headphones.

What are romantic 10th anniversary gifts for her?

Romantic 10th anniversary gifts for her include pearl jewelry, a designer handbag or accessory, a pampering spa set, or monogrammed items like a cashmere scarf or robe.

What are fun 10th anniversary gifts for couples?

Fun couple gifts for a 10th anniversary include a trip to your original honeymoon destination, a certificate for dinner and a show, an engraved photo album or frame, or outdoor patio furniture you can enjoy together.

What are some unique 10th anniversary gift ideas?

Unique gifts include custom artwork featuring your wedding location or venue, an “anniversary wine” with a personalized label, love lock bracelets with engraved coordinates, and preserved wedding bouquet flowers in a resin piece. Get creative and personal!

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