Reaching the 5-year marriage milestone deserves a celebration and meaningful gifts. Often called the wood anniversary, traditional 5th anniversary presents incorporate wood or trees. But modern 5th anniversary gift ideas range from silver and gold jewellery to travel adventures.

This guide covers romantic, fun, and unique gift recommendations for him, for her, and for couples. Find the perfect 5th anniversary present with these creative ideas!

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional 5th Anniversary Gifts

Wooden Gifts: The traditional 5th anniversary gift is made of wood, representing a marriage growing stronger. Wooden gift ideas include:

  • Engraved wood boxes, trunks, or cases
  • Wood wall art or sign with engraved names and dates
  • Hand-carved wooden figurines, birds, or sculptures
  • Tree planting kit to grow a sapling together
  • Bamboo or wood photo frames, keepsake boxes, vases

Paper Gifts: Since wood pulp is needed for paper, stationery gifts are also fitting for 5th anniversaries:

  • Love notes written on decorative paper or cards
  • Paper bouquets of origami flowers
  • Papercut silhouette art of wedding photo
  • Personalized notebooks or leather journals
  • Wedding vows printed on parchment paper

Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts

Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts

Silver and Gold Gifts: The modern gifts for a 5th anniversary are silver and gold, representing a marriage transitioning from youth to maturity. Stylish gift ideas include:

  • Engraved jewelry made of silver or gold – rings, necklaces, cufflinks
  • Luxury watches with metal bands
  • Monogrammed silver platters, trays, or keepsake boxes
  • Silver champagne bucket or flutes
  • Gold dipped rose or other sentimental flower

Gift Experiences: Experience gifts allow couples to bond while creating memories. 5th anniversary experience ideas include:

  • Trip to a romantic destination like Hawaii or Paris
  • Hot air balloon or helicopter ride
  • Couples massage class
  • Sailing or cooking lessons
  • Tickets to a music festival, play, or sporting event

5th Anniversary Gifts for Him

5th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Personalized Grilling Set: For the husband who fancies himself grill master, upgrade his equipment with stainless steel tools engraved with his name or initials.

Premium Liquor: Gift a bottle or collection of his preferred whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or other high-end spirit. Include custom glassware.

Gadget Accessories: Give his new phone, tablet, headphones, or watch an extra touch with personalized cases, skins, and other add-ons.

Sports Memorabilia: Frame a collectable jersey or autographed photo from his beloved sports team for the ultimate man cave addition.

5th Anniversary Gifts for Her

5th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Heart Pendant: She’ll cherish a gold or silver necklace with a dangling heart pendant symbolizing your love. Choose her preferred metal type and gemstones.

Designer Sunglasses: Make her feel glamorous with the latest sunglasses from her favorite fashion house like Gucci, Prada, or Chanel. Pick a style that matches her aesthetic.

Luxury Purse: An elegant leather handbag, clutch, or wallet makes the perfect 5th anniversary splurge. Opt for classic brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach.

Lingerie: Surprise her with sensual satin or lace lingerie in her favorite color. Really treat her with a robe and slippers to match.

5th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

5th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Custom Artwork: Commission a painting or drawing of your wedding day highlights, your venue, your first home, or another meaningful snapshot of your life together.

Romantic Picnic: Pack gourmet cheeses, fruit, chocolate, and champagne for an anniversary picnic at the spot where you shared your first date or kiss. Recreate the moment.

Vow Renewal: Host an intimate vow renewal ceremony with close friends and family. Exchange thoughtfully written new vows and rings to renew your commitment.

Checked Luggage Set: Upgrade your jet-setting style with his and hers luggage sporting custom monograms. Bon voyage on your next adventure!

Tree Planting Kit: Nurture your love by planting a sapling together in your yard or at a meaningful location. Watch your relationship and new tree grow.

Unique 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Unique 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Perfume: Create a custom scent representing memories from your relationship’s first 5 years. Wear your bespoke perfume for years to come.

Lyrical Vows: Turn your wedding vows into an original song he can sing to you or frame romantic lyrics in a shadow box.

Personalized Wine: Toast to 5 amazing years with custom labeled wine bottles bearing your anniversary date and names. Display the empty bottles after.

Coordinating Bracelets: Exchange leather or metal bracelets engraved with a special shared date or coordinates of your wedding location. Wear them always.

Illustrated Love Story: Commission an artist to illustrate scenes from your relationship into a poster, book, or series of drawings reviewing your love story highlights.

Decorative Love Locks: Lock your love and throw away the keys after latching engraved, antique-look padlocks onto a wall, fence, bridge, lamp post, or other meaningful location.

DIY 5th Anniversary Gifts

DIY 5th Anniversary Gifts

Memory Capsule: Fill a small chest or box with letters for your future selves, wedding mementos, current family photos, wine corks, ticket stubs, and other small tokens. Bury in yard or store away.

Reasons Why I Love You Jar: Write down all the reasons you cherish your partner on individual slips of paper. Place them in a glass jar for him or her to randomly read and feel appreciated.

Nostalgic Candy Bouquet: Gather favorite retro snacks from the first years of your relationship and arrange in a flower pot or vase for a deliciously nostalgic gift.

Romantic Coupon Book: Make DIY coupon books filled with offers for shoulder rubs, date nights, breakfast in bed, and other treats you know your spouse will love.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Any Budget

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Any Budget

Gifts Under $50: Photo books, mugs, throw pillows, frames, blankets, wine glasses with engraved anniversary date

Gifts Under $100: Cologne and perfume sets, customized cufflinks and jewelry, designer wallet and ties, personalized art and signs

Gifts Under $250: Hotel staycation, spa gift card, handbags and accessories, concert/game tickets, tech gadgets like smart watch or headphones

Big Ticket Items: Luxury luggage set, international vacation, diamond jewelry, commissioned artwork


The secret to great 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas are choosing something memorable, even if inexpensive. Focus on custom keepsakes, new experiences, and celebrating your devoted partnership.

FAQs About 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What are the traditional 5th anniversary gifts?

The traditional 5th anniversary gifts are wood and paper. Wood symbolizes a marriage growing stronger over time. Paper represents flexibility. Popular wood and paper gifts are engraved boxes, art, figurines, frames, and paper bouquets.

What are good 5th anniversary gifts for him?

Great 5th anniversary gifts for him include a personalized grill set, tickets to a game or show, premium liquor with engraved glasses, sports memorabilia, and tech accessories for his favorite gadgets.

What are romantic 5th anniversary gifts for her?

Romantic 5th anniversary gifts for her include heart pendant necklaces, designer sunglasses, luxury handbags and wallets, sensual lingerie, and pampering spa sets. Pick her favorite brands and styles.

What unique experiences make good 5th anniversary gifts?

Unique experience gifts for a 5th anniversary include hot air balloon rides, couples massages, city getaways, vow renewals, luxury picnics, and tree planting kits to grow your love.

What are some fun DIY 5th anniversary gift ideas?

Fun DIY gifts include memory capsules, reason why I love you jars, nostalgic candy bouquets, romantic coupon books, and custom artwork illustrating your love story. Add a personal touch!

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