40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 40 is a major milestone. It’s a time to reflect on the past and get excited for the future. Finding the perfect gift to mark the occasion can be tricky.

A 40th birthday deserves a present that is meaningful, useful, and a little indulgent. This guide covers a wide range of gift ideas to make the birthday boy or girl feel special.

Experience Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Experience Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Giving an experience gift is a great way to create lasting memories for a 40th birthday. Shared activities also promote quality time together. Here are some experience gift ideas to consider:

A hot air balloon ride – Float above the landscape and take in views from a new perspective. Many companies offer morning rides including breakfast or a champagne toast.

Indoor skydiving – Experience the sensation of freefall in a vertical wind tunnel. Indoor skydiving is an exciting chance to defy gravity.

A cooking class – Learn new culinary skills and enjoy eating the results. Cooking classes range from pasta making to sushi rolling.

Wine or whiskey tasting – Tour local vineyards or distilleries. Tastings educate about the nuances of wine or whiskeys. Private tastings can be arranged for groups.

Spa day – Pamper with massages, facials, body treatments and more. Many spas offer packages with multiple services.

Concert or sports event tickets – See favorite musicians or teams play live. Consider events happening soon so the birthday surprise isn’t spoiled.

Luxury Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Milestone birthdays call for indulgent gifts. Luxury presents make the day feel special. Here are lavish gift ideas to indulge the senses:

Designer handbag or wallet – Invest in a timeless, high-quality accessory from an iconic fashion house like Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

Premium beauty Advent calendar – Unbox a different mini luxury beauty product every day leading up to Christmas. Popular calendars sell out fast.

Cashmere or merino wool sweater – Nothing beats the softness of cashmere or merino wool. Choose a tasteful, durable sweater in a flattering silhouette.

Fancy wine – Select a premier cru red wine from Bordeaux, or a vintage champagne. Include a special etched wine glass.

Fragrance – Scent is powerful for conjuring memories. Pick a signature fragrance from an esteemed perfume house.

Fine leather briefcase – For the busy professional, a handcrafted leather briefcase makes a refined and practical gift. Look for full grain Italian leather.

Smart watch – The latest smart watches monitor health stats and sync seamlessly to a smartphone. Top models include the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense.

Personalized Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Personalized Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Adding a personal touch makes a gift extra meaningful. Here are ideas for custom and personalized presents:

Monogrammed luggage – Frequent travelers will appreciate a monogrammed carry-on or large suitcase. Pick a set in the recipient’s favorite color.

Custom portrait – Hire an artist to create a painted portrait or sketch from a favorite photo. Digital portraits can be printed on canvas.

Engraved barware – Select beautiful decanters or drinkware etched with the recipient’s initials. Glasses can be engraved with a significant date or message.

Spotify playlist – Make a custom playlist of “40 songs for 40 years” filled with nostalgic tunes and new discoveries. Share via email or QR code.

Scrapbook – Gather memorable photos and create a scrapbook chronicling the past 40 years. Include handwritten notes from loved ones.

Personalized recipe book – Compile favorite family recipes in a custom printed book. Digitize handwritten cards from grandparents for a special touch.

Custom birthstone jewelry – Jewelry incorporating the birthstone for the birthday month is a thoughtful memento. Opt for timeless metals like gold.

Sentimental Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Sentiment goes a long way for momentous birthdays. Lean into nostalgia with these heartfelt gift picks:

Throwback music playlist – Make a playlist of Billboard top hits from each year of the recipient’s life. Include childhood favorites for extra nostalgia.

Ticket stubs shadowbox – Display concert stubs, movie tickets, and more in an artsy shadowbox. Curate a collection of meaningful memories.

Personalized book – Services like Book of You print books starring the birthday boy or girl as the main character. Add photos for a custom gift.

Childhood photo blanket – Transform a cherished childhood picture into a plush photo blanket. This cozy gift will be treasured for years.

Memory jar – Fill a jar with 40 notes containing memories, reasons why you love the person, and hopes for the future. Read together on their birthday.

Legacy video montage – Work with a service to produce a “legacy video” with messages from family and friends set to photos from the recipient’s life.

Ancestry DNA kit – Discover ethnic origins and find new relatives with an at-home DNA test kit. The results offer a unique chance to reflect on family history.

Fun Gifts & Novelties For 40th Birthday

Fun Gifts Novelties For 40th Birthday

Inject humor and playfulness into the 40th birthday with these fun gift picks:

“40 and Fabulous” sash and tiara – Make the birthday boy or girl feel like the star of the day with over-the-top party garb.

Nostalgic candy -Sweet treats from childhood like Nerds, Push-pops, and Ring-pops make fun novelties. Buy in bulk for maximum impact.

Midlife crisis survival kit – Poke fun with gag gifts like a cane, reading glasses, antacid, and ear plugs. Add lottery tickets for optimistic measure.

Scratch-off adventure book – Scratch the pages in this interactive book to reveal exciting travel destinations and fun “adventures.”

Adult party games – Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? make great gifts for a lively 40th bash. Just for adults!

Video message from a celebrity – Services like Cameo let you order custom video messages from actors, athletes and more. An unexpected surprise!

Luxury chocolates – Indulge their sweet tooth with artisanal chocolates from brands like Godiva or Neuhaus. Pair with sparkling wine for an extra treat.

Pampering Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Everyone can use some pampering around 40. Here are rejuvenating gifts for self-care:

Luxury skincare set – Anti-aging products from La Mer or Sisley make lavish gifts. Or choose a set that addresses common concerns like dryness or acne.

Home spa kit – All they need for an at-home spa day – plush robe and slippers, luxe bath bombs, face masks, scented candles, exfoliating gloves and more.

Massage package – Schedule a massage package at a local spa for the ultimate relaxation. Add-ons like aromatherapy take the pampering up a notch.

Subscription box – Choose a themed monthly subscription box to continue the birthday joy – coffee, wine, grooming samples, or snacks.

Espresso machine – For the coffee lover – make every morning feel like a trip to their favorite cafe with a high-end machine like Breville or Jura.

Bathtub caddy – A bathtub caddy with slots for a book, wine glass and bath accessories makes soaking more luxurious.

Plush bathrobe – Up the coziness with a soft, thick organic cotton or cashmere robe. Look for quality materials that hold up wash after wash.

Noise-cancelling headphones – Block out distractions and immerse in music or podcasts. Top options from Sony, Bose and Apple provide blissful peace.

Home Bar Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Home Bar Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Home entertainers will appreciate gifts to upgrade the home bar for 40th birthday parties and beyond:

Cocktail kit – Everything needed for mixology magic – shaker, strainer, muddler, bar spoon, jigger, recipe book. Add luxe bitters, syrups and garnishes.

Beer making kit – Homebrewing is a fun hobby for beer lovers. Kits have all the equipment and ingredients to brew batches.

Whiskey stones – Keep drinks chilled without watering down, with soapstone cubes that hold temperature. A great upgrade from ordinary ice.

Wine chiller – An electric dual-zone chiller keeps whites and reds at proper serving temperatures. No more warm red wine.

Cocktail shaker – A classic stainless steel cobbler shaker makes a great barware essential. Add a custom monogram for a personalized touch.

Bar cart – A chic bar cart provides a sophisticated way to display drinkware and spirits. Choose a style that suits their decor.

Decanters – Elevate spirits by decanting them into elegant glass decanters. Pick ones with interesting shapes or custom monograms.

Cocktail glasses – Stock their bar with go-to glasses like martini, highball, and champagne. Include personalized etched glasses.

Coasters – Protect surfaces and add personality with stylish, absorbent coasters. Leather and stone materials make nice upgrades from standard options.

Napkins – Monogrammed linen or cotton cocktail napkins add flair during home entertaining.

Snack bowls – Keep guests happy with festive bowls for nuts, snacks and other nibbles. Search for interesting shapes, materials, or engraved designs.

Food & Drink Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Satisfy their appetite with edible treats and tasty beverages:

Gourmet chocolate tower – Make an impressive statement by gifting a tiered box stacked high with gourmet chocolates.

Interactive monthly food subscription – Services like Bokksu (Japanese snacks), Try the World (global foods) and Grill Masters Club (gourmet meats) offer new flavors each month.

Fruit crate – Send a shipment of fresh, premium fruit delivered direct – think cherries, oranges, pears and more. A healthy gift that’s still indulgent.

Global spice set – Expand their culinary horizons with spices like sumac, ras el hanout, and shichimi togarishi. Include exotic recipe ideas.

High-end olive oils and vinegars – For the gourmand, give quality extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic from small batch producers.

Jams, honeys and preserves – Small-batch jams, raw honey and chutney made locally are thoughtful edible picks. Include a spreader.

Wagyu or Kobe beef – They’ll feel like a master chef prepping premium Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef filet mignon.

Fine wine – Select the perfect vintage with help from their local wine shop. Or choose a special older bottle from their birth year.

Craft beer tasting – Buy a pack of hard-to-find craft beers or small batch ciders for them to sample.

Cocktail mixology kit – Include premium spirits, bitters, syrups and tools to explore making craft cocktails. Add a recipe book for guidance.

Tech Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Tech Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday

Useful tech gifts have a place at many 40th birthday celebrations. Top picks include:

Smart speaker – Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home let them play music, get news, check the weather and more hands-free.

Fitness tracker – Devices from Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Watch help optimize workouts and monitor health stats like heart rate and sleep patterns.

Streaming media player – Upgrade movie nights with a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick to access Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and other streaming apps on their TV.

Tablet – Go bigger than a smartphone for browsing, reading, streaming and video calls with a tablet like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Smart home devices – Enhance home automation with smart bulbs, video doorbells, smart thermostats and other wireless gadgets that can be controlled remotely.

Wireless earbuds – Ditch annoying wires with Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds or other top-rated wireless earbuds. Great for calls, music and podcasts on the go.

Digital photo frame – Load it with photos to enjoy a rotating slideshow. Some frames let family upload pics remotely via app.

External phone battery – Never run out of juice with a slim backup battery for quick charging smartphones and tablets. Helpful when traveling.

Ultimate 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Pull out all the stops for milestone 40th birthday gifts that create lasting memories:

Trip or vacation – Whether it’s a dream destination, weekend getaway, or private villa escape, an indulgent trip marks the occasion. Plan details as a surprise.

Memorable party – Gather family and friends for an epic 40th bash with food, drinks, music, games and personalized details. The guest of honor won’t forget it.

Show tickets – Secure amazing seats at a Broadway show, concert or sports event. Combining an experience with luxury is a winning combo.

Genealogy research – Hire a professional to research family lineage and create a detailed family tree back multiple generations. Digging into ancestry makes a thoughtful gesture.

Lifestyle photoshoot – Mark entering a new decade with professional photos taken doing favorite activities – whether travel, hobbies, or at home. Display the best shots in stylish frames.

Landmark gift – For philanthropic recipients, donate to a cause that’s meaningful to them or gift a bench, plaque or brick engraved with their name on it.

Big milestone party – Pull out all the stops by renting a venue to host a huge guest list for an unforgettable 40th birthday bash. Hire a caterer, photographer, entertainer – go big!


The possibilities are endless when choosing a special 40th birthday gift. Focus on the recipient’s interests and lifestyle to select presents that feel personal and indulgent. With this gift guide’s variety of options, you’re sure to find inspiration to make their milestone birthday memorable.

FAQs For 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

What are some 40th birthday gifts for women?

Some top 40th birthday gift ideas for women include a spa package, designer handbag, luxury beauty Advent calendar, monogrammed jewelry, custom portrait, or glamorous getaway. Experience gifts like a hot air balloon ride or cooking class also make memorable presents.

What are good 40th birthday gifts for men?

For men turning 40, consider gifts like a home brewing kit, premium spirits, personalized barware, smart watch, noise-cancelling headphones, Wagyu steak delivery, or tickets to a favorite sports team. Personalized options like an engraved watch or custom cornhole set are also great 40th birthday gifts for men.

What are the best 40th birthday gifts under $50?

Fun and budget-friendly 40th birthday gift ideas under $50 include nostalgic candy, “over the hill” gag gifts, scratch-off adventure books, barware like cocktail shakers or whiskey stones, adult party games, monogrammed drink koozies, and personalized Spotify or throwback music playlists.

What should I get my spouse for their 40th birthday?

Romantic 40th birthday gifts for a spouse include a couples massage, personalized love book, custom portrait of you two together, engraved jewelry, tickets to a favorite band or show, a romantic weekend getaway, and sentimental photo books and family history gifts if you have kids.

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