Giving gifts to employees is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. With the right gift, you can motivate your team, boost morale, and strengthen relationships. But with so many options, it can be tricky to choose gifts your staff will genuinely appreciate. Here are some top Gift Ideas for Employee to inspire you.

Gift Ideas For Employee

Gift Basket Ideas for Employee

Gift baskets allow you to give a variety of treats in a beautifully packaged bundle. They work for any occasion and fit many budgets. Consider these gift basket ideas:

Gourmet Food Basket

Include gourmet cheeses, crackers, chocolates, nuts, wine/champagne, olive oil, specialty snacks, etc. Go for a variety of flavors and textures.

Pair food items with wine glasses, cutting board, knife set, or other useful gifts.

Arrange items attractively in a basket, box, or gift tin. Add filler like shred, tissue paper, or fabric.

Personalize with a nameplate or card. Green gift wrap and decor adds a eco-friendly touch.

Spa Basket

Pamper with lotions, soaps, bath bombs, loofahs, candles, foot scrub, face masks, scented pillow sprays, essential oils, etc.

Include cozy items like slippers, robe, headband, eye mask. Pick calming colors like tan, gray, light blue.

Use baskets, wood crates, or decorative tins. Line with soft cotton towels or cloth. Add candles, floral accents.

Attach a personalized tag or label. Wrap in brown kraft paper and tie with twine or raffia.

Desk Basket

Fill with office supplies: notepads, pens, sticky notes, highlighters, clips, calculator, planner.

Add stress relievers: hand cream, tea, candy, snack bars.

Use a crate, bucket, or organizer bin. Include a personalized mug and gift card.

Wrap in decorative paper bags tied with ribbon, or bright tissue paper with shred.

Gift Cards for Employee

Gift Cards for Employee

Gift cards allow employees to choose their own gift. Some popular options:

Retail gift cards – Give a set amount to spend at popular clothing, tech, hobby, and department stores.

Restaurant gift cards – Treat staff to meals out at favorite local spots.

Online gift cards – Let them shop at Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, etc. Email or print cards.

Experience gift cards – Give tickets for movies, concerts, sports games, spa visits, etc.

Gas station gift cards – Help offset commuting costs. Brand card for company logo.

Present gift cards in a greeting card, gift tin, or envelope. Add a handwritten note of thanks.

Tech Gift Ideas for Employee

For the tech-lovers on your team, consider these gadget gift ideas:

Wireless headphones – Give the freedom of Bluetooth earbuds or over-ear headphones. Pick a reputable brand.

Smart speakers – Home devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home provide voice-controlled help.

Fitness trackers – Fitbits, Apple Watches monitor daily activity, heart rate, sleep patterns.

External batteries – Portable chargers let them repower phones and tablets on the go. Choose high capacity.

Streaming device – Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV Stick to access Netflix, Hulu, more on their TV.

Tablets – Compact iPads or Android tablets help with work, travel, and entertainment.

Include needed accessories like cases, clips, cords. Gift receipts in case they want to exchange.

Apparel & Accessories for Employee

Apparel Accessories for Employee

Apparel makes great branded gifts to build company culture. Some options:

Branded t-shirts or polos – Custom design with company name/logo. Choose soft cotton in neutral colors.

Hats and beanies – Embroider or print logo on ballcaps, knit hats.

Outerwear – Cozy branded hoodies, jackets, fleece vests, raincoats.

Bags – Totes, messenger bags, backpacks with logo. Include small extras like water bottles.

Scarves and gloves – Cozy and practical. Pick neutral colors to match any outfit.

Sunglasses – Branded shades are a summery gift. Include a case and cloth.

Office items – Pens, notepads, sticky notes, notebooks with logo.

Travel mugs – Stainless steel cups with lid keeps drinks hot. Custom logo.

Pick unisex styles in size ranges. Allow employees to indicate sizing. Include a gift receipt.

Personalized Desk Gift Ideas for Employee

Personalized Desk Gift Ideas for Employee

Unique engraved or printed gifts add a personal touch. Ideas include:

Nameplates – Sit on desk to identify workspace. Include job title and company name.

Notepads or journals – Useable gifts printed with their name. Choose interesting designs.

Mugs – Custom printed or engraved with names/monograms. Fill with candy or tea bags.

Picture frames – Show appreciation by framing an achievement award, team photo, inspirational quote.

Pen sets – Choose nice pens engraved with their name. Display in an engraved holder.

Desk caddy – Keep desk organized with a monogrammed catch-all for office supplies.

Coaster sets – Protect surfaces with leather/stone coasters engraved with initials.

Business card holders – Practical engraved cases nicely store/display business cards.

Paperweights – weighted solid glass cubes or spheres engraved with their name.

Wellness & Self-Care Gift Ideas for Employee

Wellness Self Care Gift Ideas for Employee

Help employees relax and recharge with these wellbeing-boosting gifts:

Yoga package – Yoga mat, block and strap set, towel, water bottle, and class passes.

Fitness basket – Resistance bands, foam roller, massage ball, jump rope, workout towel, and hydrating electrolytes.

Meditation kit – Cushion, journal, singing bowl, candles, and essential oils promote mindfulness.

Tea sampler – Assorted herbal teas help them unwind. Include a personalized mug.

Bath relaxants – Epsom salts, bubble bath, bath pillow, face mask, and plush robe.

Antistress kit – Adult coloring book, fidget spinner, stress ball, and modeling clay.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils, diffuser, scented candle, and bath bombs.

Self-care subscription box – Monthly delivered care packages (FabFitFun, BirchBox, etc.)

Package gifts in boxes, baskets, or caddies labeled with their name.

Experiential Gift Ideas for Employee

Experiential Gift Ideas for Employee

Memorable shared experiences make excellent employee appreciation gifts:

Group activity day – privately book escape rooms, bowling, ax throwing, trampoline park, arcade, ropes course

Catered lunch – Order a wide spread of their favorite foods to enjoy together

Happy hour/mixer – Host a fun evening social at a restaurant bar area

Outing passes – Give tickets to local attractions – museums, shows, theme parks, Segway tours, wine tastings, sporting events

Pottery painting session – Schedule a private party to get creative and make their own mugs or plates

Cooking class – Hire a chef to lead a small hands-on group cooking lesson

Murder mystery party – Entertain and challenge with an immersive whodunit dinner

Volunteer event – Organize a meaningful local service project

Amazing race – Plan an afternoon scavenger hunt race around town in teams

Choose activities suited to your team’s interests. Handle all planning and logistics.

Unique Gift Ideas for Employee

For employees with more eclectic tastes, these one-of-a-kind gifts can wow:

Digital artwork – Commission a custom digital illustration of them with a motivational or fun quote. Print, frame, and ship.

Star map – Frame a custom map of the constellation alignment on a meaningful date.

Name jewelry – Order unique necklaces, bracelets, keychains with their name or initials.

Personalized bobblehead – Custom mini replica figurine of them makes a quirky gift.

Travel map – Personalized pushpin map to display trips around their hometown or the world.

Motivational paperweight – Custom glass cube engraved with an inspiring quote or mantra.

Scavenger hunt – Write clues leading to small sentimental gifts hidden around the office.

Positivity jar – Fill a jar with encouraging notes for a daily boost of motivation.

Donation in their honor – Make a charitable donation to a cause important to them. Give a certificate.

Include thoughtful presentation – gift boxes, wrapping paper, notes. Hand deliver for personal impact.

Gift Giving Tips for Employee

Gift Giving Tips for Employee

Keep these tips in mind as you choose and give employee appreciation gifts:

Set a per-person budget so gifts are equitable. Get management approval.

Consider if gift cards or cash bonuses better suit your culture and recipients’ needs.

Pick useful gifts tailored to individuals’ interests, hobbies, and needs. Get staff input.

Include team members in gift selection – it increases meaning and relevance.

Time gifts to employee work anniversaries, holidays, or company achievements.

Present gifts individually with sincere thanks. Have leadership or managers personally give gifts.

For large teams, raffle or award gifts at group events to build anticipation.

Ensure gifts align with company policy and tax/reporting regulations.

Survey staff on gift satisfaction – learn what resonates to improve future rewards.

Showing appreciation through gifts and experiences creates positive connections with employees and teams. With thoughtful choices that make employees feel valued, you can give the gift of increased motivation, morale, and loyalty.

FAQs About Gift Ideas for Employee

What is an appropriate budget for employee gifts?

A: Aim for $50-100 per employee for individual gifts. For team gifts like catered lunches or group activities, budget $100-200 total. Get approval from leadership on exact amounts.

When should I give appreciation gifts to employees?

Common occasions include work anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or company milestones. But you can give gifts year-round to recognize achievements.

What if employees don’t like the gifts I choose?

Get staff input on interests before selecting gifts. Include gift receipts so they can exchange if needed. Give options like gift cards if you’re unsure.

How should I present gifts to employees?

Gifts mean more when presented individually with a personal note of thanks. Have managers or executives hand out gifts personally if possible.

Are all gifts to employees taxable?

Cash and cash-equivalents like gift cards are taxable. Non-cash gifts under $25 are usually non-taxable. Check tax laws for exact rules.

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