Here are some ideas that combine your husband’s interests and your desire for a memorable experience:

Tech + Adventure:

Stargazing Experience with a Personalized Touch: Book a night at a stargazing retreat or rent a telescope for a backyard adventure. Pair it with a star chart customized with your names, wedding date, and the constellation you find most beautiful together.

Geocaching Adventure: Plan a geocaching treasure hunt in a scenic location. Leave little notes or gifts hidden along the way, culminating in a special picnic spot. You can even create a custom geocaching app with your own clues!

VR Escape Room Challenge: Many VR arcades offer escape room experiences. This is a fun, techy way to work together and have some laughs.

Cooking + Quality Time:

Couples Cooking Class with a Twist: Find a cooking class that focuses on a unique cuisine or technique, like making sushi, artisanal cheese, or hot sauce. This way, you both learn something new and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Personalized Recipe Book with Memories: Create a custom recipe book filled with his favorite recipes, or ones you’ve learned together. Include photos, stories about the recipes, and inside jokes to make it extra special.

Herb Garden Starter Kit and Engraved Planters: Get him a starter kit for growing his own herbs at home. Engrave the planters with a sweet message or your anniversary date.

Memorable Gifts:

A Time Capsule Filled with Shared Memories: Collect photos, ticket stubs, little notes, and other mementos from your first year together. Put them in a time capsule and bury it (or hide it well) to open on your 5th or 10th anniversary.

Framed Photograph with a Hidden Message: Get a high-quality photo of a special moment from your first year together. Have a hidden message or a sweet quote engraved on the back of the frame.

Personalized Board Game or Puzzle: There are companies that can create custom board games or puzzles featuring your photos or inside jokes.

Bonus: No matter what gift you choose, consider adding a handwritten note expressing your love and appreciation for him.

I hope this sparks some inspiration for a truly unforgettable first anniversary celebration!

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