42nd Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 42 is a major milestone birthday. As your loved one transitions from their 30s to 40s, the perfect gift celebrates how far they’ve come while getting excited for the decades ahead. To help you find a thoughtful present, we’ve rounded up unique 42nd birthday gift ideas.

Sentimental Keepsakes Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Sentimental Keepsakes Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Sentimental gifts that commemorate memories are especially meaningful for milestone birthdays. Ideas include:

Photo book – Make a custom photo book highlighting the past 42 years of their life and your time together. Include nostalgic pictures and fun captions.

Message jar – Fill a jar with 42 handwritten notes with memories, reasons why you cherish them, and wishes for the upcoming year.

Custom portrait – Commission an artist to create a painting or drawing of a cherished photo of your loved one to commemorate their 42nd trip around the sun.

Memory quilt – Make a quilt out of old t-shirts, childhood blankets, wedding ties, and other sentimental fabrics representing their life stories.

Personalized record – Press their favorite song onto a vinyl record with a customized label celebrating their 42nd birthday.

Scrapbook – Craft a scrapbook filled with tickets stubs, photos, pressed flowers and other memorabilia from the past 42 years.

Engraved jewelry – Have a necklace, watch or bracelet engraved with their name and birthdate to remember this milestone year.

Sentimental DIY gifts that commemorate the past are perfect for this nostalgic birthday.

Ticket to Adventure Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Give the birthday guy or gal something to look forward to with an experience gift:

Hot air balloon ride – Let them sail peacefully over the countryside and see familiar landmarks from new heights.

Indoor skydiving – Fulfill their dream of flight with this thrilling, gravity-defying experience.

Race car driving – Treat the speed demon to a heart-racing day navigating a real race course.

Helicopter tour – Let them take in stunning aerial city views during this scenic whirl around town.

Zipline adventure – Ride side-by-side on this exhilarating outdoor adventure course.

Surfing lessons – Help them hang ten with private surf lessons to master riding the waves.

Canyon train ride – Journey through nature’s grandeur on a scenic train ride past towering canyons.

Trapeze class – Dare them to master circus-style trapeze skills during this intro class.

Adventurous experiences make a thrilling gift to commemorate their major milestone.

Milestone Age Swag Gifts For 42nd Birthday

Milestone Age Swag Gifts For 42nd Birthday

Mark this major birthday with gear featuring their new age number:

42nd birthday t-shirt – Give them a cool tee announcing they’ve made it to 42.

42 beer variety pack – Beer lovers will appreciate 42 different brews to sample.

“42 Years Loved” frame – Display this numbered phrase frame in their home.

42 vinyl record – Press their favorite song onto a 42 rpm vinyl record.

42nd birthday sash/crown – Make them the birthday king or queen with an oversized 42 sash and glittering crown.

42nd birthday coupon book – Fill it with 42 coupons for experiences, massages, date nights and more.

“42 Years Young” mug – Remind them age is just a number with this cheeky coffee mug.

“42 and Fabulous” button – Pin on this badge of honor whenever they’re celebrating their big day.

Lucky number 42 themed gifts remind them this is still an extra special birthday.

Ticket to Nostalgia For 42nd Birthday

Take their memory lane with pop culture gifts from the year they were born:

Retro candy – Sweeten their day with vintage candies like Pop Rocks, Bottlecaps, Razzles, and Necco Wafers.

Classic album on vinyl – Gift a vinyl version of a top album from 1982, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

“Vintage 1982” wine – Toast to their birth year with a bottle made the same year they were born.

Throwback movie tickets – Frame replica retro tickets from a popular 1982 movie like E.T. or Tron.

Vintage T-shirt – Find a tee featuring logos and graphics from classic 80s brands.

Time capsule – Create a 1982 time capsule with memorabilia like a Rubik’s Cube, cassette tape, Atari cartridge and more.

Classic board game – Break out throwback games like Operation, Mouse Trap, Connect Four or Pictionary.

Take a trip down memory lane with pop culture inspired gifts celebrating their roots.

Spa Day Indulgences Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Spa Day Indulgences Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Treat the birthday boy or girl toluxurious relaxation with these pampering gifts:

Massage package – Gift certificates for massage therapists give them an hour to unwind while healing sore muscles.

Mani/pedi session – Help them put their best foot forward with a salon foot treatment and polish change.

Facial rejuvenation – Let their skin glow with a deep cleansing facial using natural extracts and masks.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils and diffusers create a calming oasis and promote sleep, energy, and mood.

Plush spa robe – Cozy comfort awaits with a waffle or Turkish cotton spa robe to lounge in.

Beauty gift basket – Pamper them with scented lotions, bath bombs, lip masks, sheet face masks and more.

Meditation classes – Enroll in meditation courses to discover inner peace and mindfulness.

Yoga mat/props – Support their yoga practice with mats, blocks, straps and bolsters for proper alignment.

Give the gift of rest and rejuvenation with a spa day they can indulge in.

For the Foodie Gifts For 42nd Birthday

Satisfy the food lover’s cravings with delicious edible gifts like:

Wine/beer tasting – Book a guided tasting to try unique flavor profiles and learn about the making process.

Cheese crate – A gourmet assortment of artisanal cheeses lets them assemble lavish cheese boards.

Chocolate tower – Indulge their sweet tooth with chocolate-dipped fruit, truffles, caramels and more stacked in a tempting tower.

Cake of the month club – Satisfy their monthly dessert craving with a fresh baked cake delivered to their door.

Global spice rack – Take their culinary skills on a world tour with exotic seasoning blends, salts, peppers and more.

Fruit bouquet – Send a healthy, delicious arrangement of fresh carved fruit and chocolate-dipped treats.

Steak/seafood delivery – Savor premium cuts of meat or the catch of the day flown in from premium purveyors.

DIY food kit – Let their inner chef shine with kits for tacos, sushi, macarons, pasta making and more.

Foodie gifts keep their kitchen stocked with delicious ingredients and tasty new flavors to try.

Luxury Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Luxury Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Spoil the birthday guy or gal with lavish gifts they wouldn’t splurge on for themselves:

Smart watch – The latest Apple Watch or Fitbit tracks their daily activity, heart rate, sleep patterns and more.

Noise cancelling headphones – Treat their ears to crisp, undisturbed audio to enhance music and calls.

Leather goods – Elevate their style with a monogrammed leather bag, wallet, organizer or set of luggage.

Weighted blanket – Wrap them in a cozy blanket with soothing pressure that reduces stress and anxiety.

Kindle e-reader – Make a bookworm’s dream come true with nearly limitless reading material on hand.

Robot vacuum – Let the newest Roomba model keep their floors spotless while they relax.

Wine storage – Keep their collection properly stored in a designer wine fridge or cabinet with ideal humidity and temp.

Premium splurges they wouldn’t buy themselves make an indulgent gift they’ll appreciate.

Fitness Motivation Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Support their health goals and active hobbies with gifts to get moving:

Fitbit or activity tracker – Monitor their daily steps, workouts, heart rate and sleep cycles.

Yoga classes – Gift yoga studio classes to strengthen their mind-body connection.

Gym/studio membership – Give them access to workout classes and equipment for a month or a full year.

Compression gear – Improve circulation and stamina during workouts with compression shirts, socks or tights.

Foam roller – Soothe sore muscles and release trigger points with the deep tissue massage from rolling.

Gloves and hand wraps – Protect their hands during intense weight lifting or boxing workouts.

Dumbbell set – Start a home gym with an adjustable dumbbell set to build strength through a variety of exercises.

Elliptical or treadmill – Let them break a sweat at home with a space-saving cardio machine.

Heart rate monitor – Track workout intensity with sensors that detect heart rate response.

Fitbit or activity tracker – Monitor their daily steps, workouts, heart rate and sleep cycles.

Yoga classes – Gift yoga studio classes to strengthen their mind-body connection.

Fitness-focused presents keep them active, strong, and energized to take on the upcoming year.

Leisure & Relaxation Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Leisure Relaxation Gift Ideas For 42nd Birthday

Help them unwind with gifts for their hobbies and downtime:

Bathtub caddy – A portable caddy brings them a book, tablet, wine glass, bath bombs and more for relaxing soaks.

Adult coloring book – Unplug with intricate designs and patterns ready for their unique colorful touch.

Cozy lounge wear – Maximize relaxation in supersoft pajama sets, robes and slippers.

Audiobook subscription – Entertain their ears with unlimited audiobooks from top authors to enjoy anywhere.

Digital streaming services – On-demand shows, movies and music are available 24/7 with subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify.

Travel journal – Document amazing trips and weekend getaways in a beautiful logbook.

Jigsaw puzzles – Entertain their brain by piecing together 500, 1000 or 1500 piece images.

Camping/tailgating chairs – Enjoy games, concerts and outdoor adventures from comfortable, portable chairs.

Leisurely gifts enhance their favorite downtime hobbies and distraction-free alone time.


Overall, the key is finding unique 42nd Birthday Gift Ideas that show you recognize the significance of the milestone. Combine meaningful keepsakes along with gifts that help them enjoy new experiences, luxuries and hobbies as they start a new chapter of life.

With these ideas, you’re sure to give them a 42nd birthday they’ll never forget.

FAQs About 42nd Birthday Gift Ideas

What are good 42nd birthday gifts for men?

Some 42nd birthday gift ideas for men include sports tickets, a home beer brewing kit, a grilling/smoking crate, a retro video game console, personalized golf balls, flavored whiskey stones, a fathers/son activity like go-karts, and any hobby or tool he’s passionate about.

What are good 42nd birthday gifts for women?

42nd birthday gift ideas for women include a spa package, monogrammed jewelry, a travel journal or planner, museum/concert tickets for two, gifts for their home like plush robes and slippers, an indoor garden kit, a yoga starter set, and pampering items like candles and luxury bath products.

What are good 42nd birthday gifts for fitness lovers?

For fitness lovers, consider gifts like a Fitbit tracker, yoga mat/props, resistance bands, workout clothes, fitness equipment like kettlebells or dumbbells, recovery tools like foam rollers, personalized water bottles, gym bags, and subscriptions to cycling or workout apps.

What do you write in a 42nd birthday card?

42nd birthday card message ideas include: “42 looks good on you!”, “Cheers to 42 years and more to come!”, “42 years young and fabulous!”, “Life begins at 42! Let the adventures begin!”, and “Wishing you all the best this year and always – Happy 42nd birthday!”

What are the traditional gifts for 42nd birthday?

There are no traditional gift themes for 42nd birthdays. Great milestone birthday gifts are often sentimental like photo books, memory quilts, or engraved jewelry. Experiential gifts for adventures are also popular 42nd birthday gifts.

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