If you have a coffee aficionado in your life, finding the perfect Coffee gift ideas can be a grind. But never fear – we’ve brewed up a delicious selection of coffee gift ideas to get their motors running.

From high-end brewers to luscious gourmet beans, fun accessories to artisanal roasts, there’s something here to satisfy every coffee craving. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to give the gift of great coffee this year.

Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee Makers & Brewers

For the true coffee connoisseur, upgrading their coffee equipment is one of the most exciting gifts you can give. Here are some top brewers and makers to consider:

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer – This premium drip machine brews a perfect pot every time with its precise temperature control and robust shower-head design. The Moccamaster is handmade in the Netherlands and built to last.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine – Allow them to pull professional-quality shots at home with this all-in-one semi-automatic espresso maker. It has a built-in grinder and milk steamer for crafting sublime lattes and cappuccinos.

Chemex Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker – For the pour-over purist, this elegant brewer makes an amazing cup using just ground coffee and hot water. The iconic Chemex design is also a gorgeous accent piece.

Bonavita Connoisseur One-Touch Coffee Brewer – This SCAA-certified machine keeps things simple with just one button for rich, precisely-brewed coffee with zero fuss. The flat bottom filter allows for better extraction.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Maker – Compact single-serve brewers are ideal for those wanting fuss-free espresso or coffee at the push of a button. The Vertuo uses Nespresso’s signature capsules.

Gourmet Coffee & Coffee Subscriptions

Gourmet Coffee Coffee Subscriptions

Of course, a high-quality brew starts with outstanding beans. Treat them to some elite coffee roasts or sign them up for a coffee subscription to discover new flavors:

Driftaway Coffee Subscription – One of the top-rated coffee subscriptions, Driftaway delivers freshly-roated whole beans from renowned roasters across the country. You can specify preferences for their personalized shipments.

Partners Coffee Roasters Sampler Pack – For tasting adventures, this Brooklyn roaster offers a fun variety pack with 4 different 8oz bags (whole bean or ground). It’s a great way to explore their unique single-origin roasts.

Nguyen Coffee Supply’s The Nguyen Bundle – This cult-favorite LA roaster does both enticing blends and stellar single origins. Their bundle includes a bag each of their signature Trucker and Chicken Hunga Diner blends.

Intelligentsia House & Seasonal Blend Set – A respected name in third wave coffee, Intelligentsia’s set highlights their flagship House Blend along with a rotating Single Origin seasonal offering.

Volcanica Coffee Curated Regional Sampler – Go around the world with this hand-picked selection of beans grown in different volcanic regions like Sumatra, Java, Hawaii, and Ethiopia.

Coffee Accessories & Tools

Help them kick their coffee routine up a notch with handy tools and accessories that enhance the coffee drinking experience:

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder – A high quality burr grinder like this allows for maximum flavor and freshness by grinding beans right before brewing. It has 31 grind settings and a sleek modern look.

Acaia Pearl Model Coffee Scales & Timer – For the perfectionist who wants to dial in their brew ratios, these precise smart scales measure both dose and drip speed for impeccable extraction.

Hario Coffee Dripper with Filters – Both beautiful and functional, this Japanese-made ceramic dripper facilitates expert pour-over brewing. The spiral ribs circulate water for an even extraction.

Espro Travel Coffee Press – A premium portable french press to enjoy rich, fresh-brewed coffee anywhere. It has double-walled vacuum insulation and a built-in filter to block grit.

Yama Sibarist Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs – These double-walled insulated mugs keep coffee piping hot for hours without imparting any metallic flavors. Classy enough for the office or home.

Coffee-Themed Accessories & Decor

Coffee Themed Accessories Decor

Some fun extra gifts any java junkie will enjoy having around the home or office:

Coffee Shower Curtain – Bring their favorite drink into the bathroom with a coffee-themed shower curtain featuring coffee cups, beans, or clever coffee puns.

Espresso Myself Unisex Coffee T-Shirt – Flaunt their love of a morning cup with this punny “Espresso Myself” t-shirt – available in multiple colors.

Coffee Basics Infographic Art Print – This beautifully designed infographic breaks down common coffee drinks, brewing tips, and tasting notes for the at-home barista.

Coffee Pour Over Set with Wood Tray – Upgrade their pour-over setup with this handsome set featuring a wood tray, ceramic dripper, server, and matching mug.

Coasters with Coffee Art or Quotes – Help them avoid those unsightly rings on their coffee tables with these clever coffee-themed coasters featuring java-inspired art or punny quotes.

Coffee Gift Baskets & Bundles

For a gift that covers all the bases, opt for a curated coffee gift basket or bundle packed with an assortment of beans, accessories, and extras:

Coffee Masters Gourmet Gift Basket – This crowd-pleaser contains 2 different premium coffee blends, biscotti, chocolate, a stainless steel travel mug, and coffee scoop.

Peet’s Coffee Connoisseur Gift Box – Peet’s box highlights both a pound of their house blend and their popular espresso roast, plus a stylish ceramic mug.

Bialetti Coffee Lovers Gift Set – This colorful Italian set bundles a classic Moka pot espresso maker with two ceramic espresso cups and a bag of premium roast.

Williston Forge Coffee Themed Gift Set – For the home coffee station, this rustic set includes a wood and iron tree mug holder with 4 mugs, plus useful accessories like a milk frother and more.

Novelty Coffee Gifts

Novelty Coffee Gifts

Embrace their coffee obsession with some fun and whimsical novelty items a true java junkie will get a kick out of:

Coffee Scented Candles – These scented soy candles bring the rich aroma of fresh-brewed coffee right to their living room or office. Varieties range from light breakfast blends to intense dark roasts.

Coffee-Infused Gourmet Chocolate – Many chocolatiers now offer truffles, barks, or bars infused with a roasty coffee kick. Perfect for pairing with an afternoon cup.

Coffee Lover’s Adult Coloring Book – They can get creative and relax at the same time by coloring intricate coffee-themed designs featuring cups, beans, mugs, and more.

Coffee Soap & Bath Products – Allow them to take their coffee into the shower with moisturizing bar soaps, bath bombs, or coffee scrubs made with real coffee butter and grounds.

Coffee Mug Warmer – This simple desk accessory uses a heating element to keep their brew toasty warm for hours without scorching or bitterness. No more drinking cold coffee!

Coffee Lover Gift Cards

If you’re unsure of their exact tastes, a coffee-themed gift card always makes an excellent choice:

Nacional Starbucks Gift Card – Start their day off right by loading up a gift card for use at their favorite Starbucks locations.

Peet’s eGift Card – Let them sample signature roasts from this popular Bay Area roaster when you send them a Peet’s eGift card.

Small World Gift Card for Local Roasters – This gift card is redeemable at a wide range of independent coffee roasters so they can discover the best local cups in their area.


No matter their preferred coffee profile or preparation method, any of these creative Coffee gift ideas are sure to give the caffeine devotee in your life a welcome pick-me-up. From the latest brewing gadgets to indulgent gourmet beans and more.

FAQs About Coffee Gift Ideas

What is the best coffee maker to gift?

For an exceptional drip coffee maker, the Technivorm Moccamaster is one of the top choices thanks to its precise temperature control and durable construction. If they prefer espresso drinks, consider a quality semi-automatic machine like the Breville Barista Express. And for sheer simplicity, you can’t go wrong with the one-touch Bonavita Connoisseur brewer.

How do I pick a good coffee subscription gift?

The best coffee subscriptions offer freshly roasted beans from renowned roasters and the ability to customize shipments based on tasting preferences. Some leading options include Driftaway Coffee, Partners Coffee Roasters, and Nguyen Coffee Supply’s subscriptions. Many let you choose between whole bean or ground.

Are coffee gift baskets or bundles worth it?

Yes, coffee gift baskets and bundles can provide excellent value by including an assortment of items like gourmet coffee blends, accessories, baked goods, and more – all conveniently packaged together. Just look for respected brand names and read reviews on the bundle contents.

What are some fun novelty coffee gift ideas?

For a caffeine lover with a sense of humor, consider novelty gifts like coffee-scented candles, coffee-infused chocolates, coffee soaps or bath products, coffee sayings tees or art prints, and even coffee-themed adult coloring books. A mug warmer to keep their brew hot is another fun desk accessory.

If I’m unsure of their tastes, what’s a safe coffee gift option?

When in doubt, you can never go wrong giving a coffee gift card from a top retailer like Starbucks or Peet’s. Or opt for a multi-brand card like Small World’s that’s redeemable at many independent local roasters. This allows them to treat themselves while discovering new coffee spots.

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