Teddy Day Gift Ideas

Teddy Day on February 10th is the perfect chance to gift adorable stuffed animals and plushies to your significant other.

This cute holiday celebrates giving and receiving huggable teddy bears as tokens of love. Make Teddy Day extra special for your partner with thoughtful Teddy Day Gift Ideas.

Giant Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Giant Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Giant teddy bears are mainstay Teddy Day gifts that impress with their sheer size and ultra-soft, huggable materials. Choose an:

Oversized bear – A jumbo 4 or 5-foot-tall teddy makes an outstanding gift to cuddle and cradle.

Big sitting bear – A plush bear designed to sit upright offers a sweet stuffed companion.

Enormous panda – For an exotic twist, gift a sizable stuffed panda bear with soft black and white fur.

Giant puppy or kitten – Opt for a large, fuzzy stuffed dog or cat for an adorable alternative.

Custom teddy – Many retailers let you personalize with custom sounds, outfits, or embroided names.

Presentation ideas: Have your giant teddy hold a big red heart, box of chocolates, or love note for extra “aww!” appeal when revealed.

Luxury Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Luxury Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

High-end teddy bears crafted from fine materials and exotic fur types elevate a teddy into a decadent gift. Luxe options include:

Mink or alpaca fur – Made of the plushest, silkiest materials that feel heavenly.

Swarovski crystal – Studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals for an opulent style statement.

Gold or silver – Bears that incorporate gold-plated or sterling silver threads and elements.

Designer – Iconic brands like Steiff and Hermès offer collectible, heirloom-quality bears.

Unique breeds – Fanciful bears modeled after pandas, polar bears, grizzlies, and other exotic animals.

Luxury teddies become treasured possessions. Present yours in a high-end gift box or decorative carrier bag.

Customizable Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Customizable Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Personalized teddy bears featuring custom outfits, sounds, and details add meaningful touches to Teddy Day. Make yours unique with:

Monogrammed outfits – Teddy bears sporting shirts or onesies embroidered with initials or names.

Relationship bears – His and hers bears dressed in tuxedos, gowns, or as a romantic couple.

Professional bears – Outfit your bear in the same profession or hobby clothing as you or your partner.

Voice recorded – Record a loving personalized audio greeting the bear can play back.

Custom features – Design a bear featuring your eye color, hair color, skin tone and more.

Build-a-bear workshops let you completely customize a teddy. Or pick a pre-made bear and add your own personal flair at home.

Teddy Bear Bouquet For Teddy Day

Teddy Bear Bouquet For Teddy Day

Teddy bear flower bouquets innovatively arrange plush bears among fresh blooms for double the gifting power. Combine:

Red roses – The classic symbol of romance infuses affection into the bouquet.

Heart-shaped blooms – Frame bears with heart-shaped purple alstroemerias or red carnations.

Bear-shaped arrangement – Craft a unique bouquet shaped like a circle of hugging bears.

Scented flowers – Choose fragrant blooms like oriental lilies to engage the senses.

Assorted varieties – Mix bears into colorful bouquets with roses, tulips, daisies, and more.

Nestle small, medium, and large teddies throughout the bouquet for dimension. Wrap in crinkly plastic or fabric ribbon to present the gift.

DIY Teddy Bear Crafts For Teddy Day

DIY Teddy Bear Crafts For Teddy Day

Homemade teddy bears crafted with care make totally unique and personal Teddy Day mementos. DIY bear project ideas:

Heart teddy – Sew a stuffed bear holding a little felt heart, or in the shape of a heart itself.

Photo teddy – Modge podge meaningful photos onto a plain teddy in a collage design.

Bandana teddy – Tie a bandana around its neck printed with your anniversary date or names.

Embroidered teddy – Stitch your initials or a loving phrase onto a store-bought bear’s outfit or paw.

Couples teddy – Create two miniature bears out of felt dressed as you and your partner.

DIY teddies don’t have to be perfect. The thoughtful handmade touches are what make them special.

Teddy Bear-Themed Gifts For Teddy Day

Teddy Bear Themed Gifts For Teddy Day

Teddy bear-shaped or themed gifts put a cute spin on your Teddy Day present with:

Bear pancake mold – Surprise your partner with pancake bear art at breakfast.

Picnic basket – Pack a teddy bear decorated picnic hamper filled with wine, cheese and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Bear slippers – Keep their toes cozy with soft plush bear claw slippers.

Bear jewelry – Gift sweet bear pendant necklaces, earrings, or charm bracelets.

Bear mug – Sip morning coffee from an adorable bear head-shaped mug.

Presentation matters: Tie your gift up with a big red bow, pack it in a bear gift bag, or attach an “I ‘Bearly’ Know How Much I Love You” tag.

Teddy Bear Apparel & Accessories For Teddy Day

Teddy Bear Apparel Accessories For Teddy Day

Coordinating bear apparel and accessories make lighthearted his-and-hers Teddy Day gifts:

Matching bear onesies – Lounge around in hooded union suits with bear ear hoods.

Bear slipper socks – Keep feet warm and fuzzy with soft socks sporting smiling bear faces.

Bear hats – Don beanie hats embroidered or shaped like teddy bear heads.

Bear scarves – Drape cozy cashmere scarves printed with stylized teddy bears.

Bear mittens – Hold hands in toasty bear mitten sets featuring bear paw designs.

Pair them with a little stuffed bear as a cute gift set. Offer to have an at-home “bear pajama and movie” date night.

Sexy & Romantic Teddy Lingerie For Teddy Day

Sexy Romantic Teddy Lingerie For Teddy Day

Alluring lingerie modeled after the classic teddy adds a touch of romance to Teddy Day in the bedroom. Seductive styles include:

Lace teddy – A classy lace and mesh one-piece clinging in all the right places. Select their favorite color.

Satin teddy – A luxurious satin and silk teddy that flows against the skin.

Sheer teddy – A revealing sheer mesh or fishnet teddy topped with a silky little bow.

Open-cup teddy – A provocative teddy with cut-out cups to bare some skin.

Crotchless teddy – A sultry teddy with a cheeky cut-out bottom.

Make a night of it by pairing the teddy with stilettos, sexy perfume, rose petals, and candles. Surprise your partner with the revealing lingerie waiting on the bed.

Chocolate Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Chocolate Teddy Bears For Teddy Day

Chocolate teddy bears satisfy sweet cravings while staying on festive theme. Decadent chocolate bear gift ideas include:

Giant chocolate bears – Massive solid or hollow milk or dark chocolate teddies make an edible work of art.

Chocolate truffle bears – Indulgent bear-shaped truffles with ganache filling presented in a heart box.

Chocolate-dipped berries – Strawberries, bananas, or other fresh fruit dipped in chocolate and decorated with bear faces.

  • Bear lollipops – Suck on gourmet teddy bear shaped lollies made from premium chocolate.
  • Bear bonbons – Bite into artisan chocolate bear bonbons with assorted creamy centers.

Allergy-friendly options: Choose alternatives like vegan chocolate or fruit arrangements for food allergies.

A chocolate teddy bear gift sweetly conveys, “I love you beary much!” Wrap it up with a big bow or Valentine’s Day colored ribbons.

Teddy Bear Event or Experience For Teddy Day

Teddy Bear Event or Experience For Teddy Day

A memorable teddy bear-themed event or experience makes your Teddy Day celebration unique. Special activity ideas include:

Teddy bear museum – Plan a date at Build-A-Bear or another museum-like workshop to design bears together.

Teddy bear picnic – Pack a cute basket and spread out a checkered blanket for an outdoorsy Teddy Day meal.

Teddy bear contest – Enter a competitive bear show together in categories like biggest, smallest, best dressed.

Teddy bear hotel stay – Book a whimsical suite decked out in stuffed bears and plush décor.

Teddy bear photography – Schedule a couple’s photoshoot with your bears for quirky keepsake photos.

Pro trip planning tip: Scope out events in your area and make reservations early. Add small teddy favors as takeaway mementos.

An engaging teddy bear excursion or activity makes your Teddy Day especially memorable and interactive.

Gift Basket Stuffers For Teddy Day

Little teddy bear trinkets creatively bundled together in a gift basket make fun Teddy Day surprises:

  • Teddy bear keychain
  • Teddy bear candy or chocolates
  • Teddy bear coffee mug
  • Teddy bear stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Teddy bear pen
  • Mini teddy bear figurines
  • Teddy bear greeting cards
  • Teddy bear phone case
  • Teddy bear coin purse

Arrange the bear-themed goodies in a cute basket, box, or tin. Sprinkle tissue paper for an adorable gift presentation.

Final Thoughts

Teddy Day is the paws-itively perfect occasion to exchange cute and cuddly teddy bear gifts with your honey. Find personalized bears, gourmet teddy chocolates, romantic teddy lingerie, or customized bear-shaped presents that uniquely express your love.

Your thoughtful Teddy Day gift ideas will leave your partner beaming and ready to bear-hug you in appreciation. Happy Teddy Day!

FAQs About Teddy Day Gift Ideas

What are some good DIY teddy bear gift ideas?

Cute DIY teddy gifts include making a teddy bear bouquet, sewing a heart-shaped teddy bear, decorating a bear’s outfit with fabric paints or iron-on patches, making teddy bear cookies or cake pops, and creating mini felt teddy bears of you and your partner.

What are some Teddy Day gifts if my partner has allergies to flowers or chocolate?

Allergy-friendly Teddy Day gift ideas include a personalized giant teddy bear, teddy bear-themed apparel and accessories, tickets to a Build-A-Bear workshop, planning a teddy bear picnic date, or stuffed animals made of hypoallergenic materials.

What gifts work well for long-distance Teddy Day celebrations?

Fun long-distance Teddy Day gifts include mailing your partner teddy bear chocolates, a teddy bear t-shirt or mug, custom teddy bear artwork, or a recorded storybook read aloud with a small teddy bear prop. Virtual dates at a teddy bear museum also work.

How early should I order a custom teddy bear gift online?

To receive your custom teddy bear gift in time for Teddy Day on February 10, it’s best to order at least 2 weeks in advance if possible. For stock teddy bears, order 5-7 days before Teddy Day.

What are some ideas for nude or sexy teddy bear gifts?

Racy teddy bear gift ideas include crotchless or lingerie-style teddies, nude photo shoots with strategically-placed stuffed bears, teddy bear sex position books, edible chocolate body paint, and massage oils or candles to set the mood.

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