The holidays are a joyous time full of festivities, gatherings, and gift exchanges. Yet, as the calendar pages rapidly turn, that familiar panic may start setting in – you still need to find the perfect presents for several special people in your life.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there scrambling for last minute gift ideas that show you care without looking like a total afterthought. Whether it’s the hard-to-buy-for person, the eleventh-hour invitation, or just plain procrastination, this guide has you covered.

From thoughtful and personalized options to luxurious little indulgences, these last minute gift ideas are sure to delight. So take a deep breath, grab a pen, and let’s get wrapping!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Self-Care Gifts

In this busy, always-on world, the gift of relaxation and self-care is more precious than ever. Pamper loved ones with soothing, rejuvenating treats that encourage them to slow down and indulge a little.

Luxurious Bath Products – A sumptuous bath caddy filled with aromatic soaps, luxury bath bombs, scented candles, and a plush robe sets the stage for a blissful spa day at home.

Gourmet Food & Drink Baskets – From artisan cheese and charcuterie to small-batch wine or craft beer samplers, edible indulgences are an easy way to bring a taste of celebration.

Premium Loungewear Sets – Sublime softness meets elegant style in buttery soft loungewear sets. Look for coordinating tops, pants and robes in designer fabrics like cashmere or silk.

High-End Beauty Products – Delight the skincare aficionado or makeup maven with prestige anti-aging serums, glowing highlighter palettes or cult-favorite cosmetics from coveted brands.

Weighted Blanket – This modern stress-relieving marvel uses gentle pressure to trigger the release of oxytocin and serotonin, promoting deep sleep and a profound sense of calm.

Tech Accessories

Tech Accessories 1

In today’s digital world, the hottest gadgets and smart devices top many wish lists. Amplify those tech gifts with sleek, modern accessories that enhance both style and functionality.

Wireless Charging Station – Ditch cords and clutter with a streamlined wireless charging dock that seamlessly powers multiple devices at once.

Premium Headphones – Immerse the audiophile in rich, nuanced sound with high-fidelity noise-canceling headphones. Opt for cult-favorite brands like Beats, Bose or Sony.

Smart Home Speakers – Voice-controlled virtual assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home effortlessly cue music, news, weather and more with a simple voice command.

Portable Power Bank – Keep smartphones, tablets and other portables charged and ready with a high-capacity backup battery pack.

VR Headset & Games – Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike will get a kick out of exploring new virtual reality worlds through immersive headsets and games.

Experience Gifts

Sometimes the best gift is creating a memorable experience to be shared and savored together. Surprise someone special with an out-of-the-ordinary opportunity neither of you will soon forget.

Cooking or Beverage Class – Foster culinary skills and bonding by learning the art of sushi rolling, craft cocktail mixing, or other tasty new techniques.

Couples Massage or Spa Day – Relax and reconnect with an ultra-pampering afternoon of side-by-side massages, body treatments and more blissful services.

Skydiving or Flying Experience – Elevate date night to thrilling new heights with an adrenaline-pumping tandem skydive session or introductory flying lesson.

Wine or Brewery Tour – Get a taste of regional flavors with a guided tasting trek to local wineries, craft breweries or distilleries.

Concert or Show Tickets – Commemorate a shared love of music, comedy or performance art with tickets to an upcoming must-see event.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes 3

Give a gift that keeps on giving all year long with a subscription box delivery. With countless themed options, it’s easy to find the perfect recurring treat tailored to their passions.

Book Club Subscription – Each month brings an exciting new hardcover book pick accompanied by shareable reading guides, recipes and bookish extras.

Apparel or Accessory Styling Boxes – From designer jewelry and sunglasses to complete outfit-of-the-month selections, these fashion box options spice up anyone’s wardrobe.

Gourmet Food & Snack Crates – Satisfy cravings for everything from exotic jerky and candy to artisan cheese, charcuterie and more with culinary samplers galore.

Beauty or Grooming Product Boxes – Treat them to a rotating assortment of premium makeup, skincare, haircare or men’s grooming products chosen just for them.

Hobby Boxes – Find ready-made joy for every interest like craft beers, coffee beans, plants, pet toys and activities tailored to their favorite pastimes.

Easy to Gift Cards

When all else fails or time is truly tight, gift cards are the ultimate simple, surefire crowd-pleaser. But take it up a notch by presenting them in unique, thoughtful packaging that shows you put in the extra effort:

Gift Card in a Creative Holder – A plain gift card takes on new panache tucked into a decorative box, stocking, or even better – a fun oversized prop or accessory relating to the brand.

Gift Card Tree or Bouquet – Fan multiple gift cards into a spirited “money tree” or arrange in a sweet bouquet paired with candy, balloons or stuffed animals.

Thematic Gift Card Bundle – Group an assortment of gift cards from several complementary stores or entertainment venues around a unifying interest (fitness, dining out, date night, gaming, etc.).

Gift Card Care Package – Surround the gift card with a bunch of themed treats and trinkets like snacks, novelties and accessories pertaining to that retailer.

One Size Fits All Options

One Size Fits All Options

Avoid guesswork on sizes or personal preferences with these ultra-versatile last minute gift ideas that are guaranteed to work for anyone:

Foolproof Wine or Spirits – From premium whiskeys and wines to trendy hard seltzers or pre-mixed craft cocktails, finely packaged alcohol always impresses.

Home or Outdoor Decor Accents – Elevate their living spaces with striking home decor pieces like scented candles, cozy throw blankets, artful coffee table books or chic outdoor entertaining trays.

Luxury Accessories for All – Buttery leather gloves or classic cashmere scarves work beautifully for both men and women, as do plush robes or snuggly slippers in a range of unisex styles.

Gift Card Tree – Build an impressive “money tree” with an assortment of useful gift cards ranging from Visa cash cards to Amazon, dining, gas and more attached to a tabletop holiday tree.

Care Package for Interests – Assemble an enticing batch of specialty goodies catered to their tastes, whether it’s cigar and whiskey accessories, hot sauce and snack samplers, fitness gear and energy bars, you name it.

Sustainable or Donation Gifts

For the eco-conscious or philanthropically-minded, consider last minute gifts that give back and support companies with responsible practices:

Adopt-an-Animal Kits – Many environmental and animal welfare groups offer symbolic “adoption” packages that provide a plushie stand-in and go toward protecting real wildlife.

Charitable Gift Cards – A gift that keeps giving, charitable gift cards allow recipients to “re-gift” the funds to their preferred cause or organization.

Fair Trade Handcrafts – Unique artisan handicrafts like baskets, woodcrafts, jewelry and accessories support global craftspeople and sustainable economies.

Zero-Waste or Reusable Kits – From portable reusable utensil sets and straws to produce bags, water bottles and more, reduce environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Subscription Box – Discover recurring deliveries of planet-friendly items like ethically-made apparel, organic snacks and clean beauty products.


With all these fantastic last minute gift ideas at your fingertips, you can breathe easy and get back to enjoying the festive spirit. While a hastily grabbed gift card or impersonal item will certainly do in a pinch.

Putting some heartfelt thought into your gift – even at the final hour – can elevate a simple offering into something truly meaningful.

FAQs About Last Minute Gift Ideas

What are some good last minute gift ideas for someone who is hard to shop for?

For the person who seemingly has everything, consider gifting them an experience like tickets to a show or event you can enjoy together. Subscription boxes tailored to their interests are also a great option that provides a steady stream of treats or discoveries.

How can I make a last minute gift card more thoughtful and personal?

Get creative with the presentation! Tuck gift cards into decorative holders, stuff them into oversized novelty items related to the brand, or arrange them into a gift card tree or bouquet. You can also bundle complementary gift cards into thematic collections (e.g. date night, fitness, dining out) or create a full care package with treats and accessories surrounding the main gift card.

What are some good sustainable or eco-friendly last minute gift ideas?

Look for gifts that support ethical companies and give back like fair trade artisan goods, adopt-an-animal kits that aid conservation, or charitable gift cards that allow the recipient to donate the funds. Reusable, zero-waste kits with items like produce bags and portable utensil sets reduce environmental impact.

How can I give a personalized last minute gift when I don’t know the recipient’s size or preferences?

Focus on one-size-fits-all gift ideas that work for anyone like candles and home decor accents, premium alcohol or cocktail sets, plush robes or slippers in universal styles, versatile accessories like leather gloves or cashmere scarves, gift card trees, or carefully curated care packages tailored to their interests and hobbies.

What are some good last minute gift ideas for someone who loves tech and gadgets?

Amplify their favorite tech gifts with modern accessories like wireless charging stations, premium noise-canceling headphones, smart home speakers, portable power banks, and hot items like VR headsets. Or create a deluxe tech care package including cord organizers, phone camera lenses, cleaning supplies and other handy extras.

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