Hallows’ Eve is nearly upon us, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to treat your favorite ghouls and goblins to some wicked awesome Halloween Gift Ideas! From the frightfully festive to the hauntingly hilarious, we’ve conjured up the most spook-tacular presents to make this October 31st one to dismember.

Grab your broomsticks and get ready to go batty over these boo-tiful treasures. Whether you’re shopping for the littlest monsters or those adults who never outgrew their love of All Hallows’ Eve, this bewitching Halloween gift guide has something血-curdling for every creep and creature in your coven.

Halloween Gift Ideas

Devilishly Decorative Home Accents

Let’s start by transforming their domicile into an ode to all things eerie with some fiendishly festive home decor items:

Spooky Candles & Candelabras – From jack-o-lantern votives to bewitching black candles dripping with red wax, these will cast the perfect spectral glow. Extra points for ornate, gothic candelabras with skulls or serpents.

Halloween Tree or Wreath – Pay tribute to the season with gnarled, sparkly trees draped in mini pumpkins and bats or vibrant orange and black wreaths accented by crows and spiderwebs.

Hauntingly Hip Throw Pillows – Give their couch or bed a freakishly fun makeover with pillows bedecked in witches, ghosts, black cats and other spirited prints.

Petrifying Porcelain & Serveware – Double, double, toil and trouble – their kitchen and dining room decor has gone full Hocus Pocus. Think ornate skull mugs, spider web plates, potion bottle vases and cauldron serving dishes.

Spine-Tingling Sips & Snacks

Spine Tingling Sips Snacks

Fuel the fright night with boo-zy beverages and monstrous munchies that will leave your taste buds begging for mercy.

Bottles of Boo-ze – From pumpkin ales and blood-red wines to spirit bottles styled as potion vials, these adult beverages are intoxicatingly on-theme. Bonus for witch’s brew cocktail kits.

Bone-Chilling Candy & Treats – Stock up on bags of Halloween candy like gummy body parts, mummified sour candies or chocolate eyeballs and fingers. For a gourmet spin, check out gruesome sweets like bone-shaped pretzels and spooky cake pops.

Frightful Feast Hampers – Assemble a wicker basket or cauldron full of ghoulish goodies like spicy pumpkin seeds, buttered corn “teeth”, meatloaf “brains”, and other creepy comestibles.

Haunt Couture: Wearables for the Well-Dressed Ghoul

Your Halloween obsessed pals need threads as killer as they are! Outfit them with fashions to die for:

Devilish Dresses & Skater Skirts – Look for dresses printed with pumpkins, ghosts, cats or other haunted house motifs, as well as sleek black dresses accented with spider webs, bats or sultry lace detailing.

Bewitching Blouses & Graphic Tees – From button-ups patterned in vampy roses and thorns to slouchy graphic tees featuring iconic horror villains, these tops are drop-dead gorgeous.

Creepy Cute Accessories – Accessorize with scarves depicting skeletons or jack-o-lanterns, or whimsical jewelry featuring tiny ghosts, broomsticks and black cats. Bonus points for claw rings or vampire chokers!

Terrifyingly Fun Games & Activities

Terrifyingly Fun Games Activities

For those who prefer their Halloween with an extra jolt of adrenaline and screams, consider gifting blood-pumping experiences:

Immersive Terror Experiences – From extreme haunted houses and terrifying escape rooms to horror-themed interactive theater shows, these electrifying experiences will leave them trembling. Be sure to find out their scare threshold first!

Murder Mystery Party Games – Host a killer night in by gifting them a murder mystery game complete with character dossiers, evidence files and crime scene secrets to solve over spine-tingling snacks and cocktails.

Virtual Reality Horror Games – If video games are more their speed, gift them the latest immersive virtual reality horror titles like Resident Evil: Village or Phasmophobia. Just be prepared for bloodcurdling screams from the living room.

Paranormal Investigating Gear

Fuel their ghostly curiosities by equipping them with legit ghost hunting equipment to detect things that go bump in the night.

EMF Meters & EVP Recorders – Help them scan for electromagnetic frequencies and electronic voice phenomena with these pro-grade meters and digital recorders. Just try not to unleash any demons!

Full Paranormal Investigation Kits – Go whole coven with pre-packed kits including EMF detectors, infrared thermometers, EVP recorders, spirit boxes for communicating with entities, UV flashlights and more. Boo-ya!

Haunted Destination Tours – For the ultimate supernatural thrill, gift them admission to real-life haunted asylums, prisons or hotels for exclusive overnight or paranormal investigation tours. You’ll both be sleeping with one eye open after this!

Freakishly Fun Novelties

Freakishly Fun Novelties

Even those who prefer to keep Halloween light and playful will go batty for these ghoulishly good novelties and gag gifts.

Prankster Horror Props & Decor – From oozing blood-spattered shower curtains to zombie garden gnomes and hand rubber severed body parts, these over-the-top shockers are destined for double takes.

Spooky Basket Stuffers – Fill a festive cauldron or jack-o-lantern bucket with an assortment of kooky Halloween toys like squishy brain putty, bouncy eyeballs, growing creature eggs and edible insect candy.

Punny Halloween Socks & Accessories – Plenty of witty, borderline cheesy skull socks, monster ties, witchy pins and more featuring pun-derful sayings and graphics to make them snicker.

Hilariously Haunted Home Goods – For maximum yuks, look for horror movie icons transformed into kitchen tools like Freddy Krueger oven mitts, Chucky pot holders and blood-spattered dish towels.

Gothic Glamour Beauty & Skincare Treasures

For the ghoul who loves to get ghouled up, bestow upon them these bewitching bath and body care sets:

Vampy Makeup & Nail Sets – From smokey eyeshadow palettes and blood-red lipstick sets to dramatic nail wraps and gels that resemble midnight black talons or dripping blood. So luxe, so lethal.

Bubbling Cauldron Bath Collections – Decadent bath melts, crackly bath bombs and shimmering body lotions infused with hypnotic autumnal scents like pumpkin spice, burning embers and toasted marshmallow.

Skull Brushes & Vanity Accessories – Polish off the macabre makeover with creepy cute makeup brushes shaped like bones or skulls, plus haunted hand mirrors, gothic brush holders and other dark vanity accessories.

Spell-Binding Home Decor & Curiosities

Spell Binding Home Decor Curiosities

For that extra otherworldly touch, gift pieces that channel the pagan and occult for a properly witchy abode.

Magickal Crystal & Herb Sets – Whether for display, rituals or reiki, sets of natural gemstones, palo santo or sage smudging kits and iron cauldrons create a decidedly mystical vibe.

Ouija Boards & Tarot Decks – Lean into the mystique with these iconic divination tools, preferably ones styled with bewitching vintage flair. Now to just avoid accidentally unleashing any curses…

Pagan Statuary & Altar Pieces – From crescent moon and goddess sculptures to chic pedestals for displaying coveted crystals and sacred objects, a few pagan accents can really conjure an enchanting aesthetic.

Tricks, Treats & Spellbinding Sweets

What’s a frightful fete without delicious potions and wicked indulgences? Whip up some culinary hocus pocus with these hair-raising treats:

Cauldron Cakes & Potion Pretties – For a wizardly twist, look for showstopping cakes designed as bubbling cauldrons or potion bottles filled with candies and confections. Pair with baked “spellbooks” featuring intricate fondant detailing.

DIY Sweet & Savory Kits – Let them get hands-on crafting their own edible horrors with kits for decorating spooky gingerbread haunted houses, shaping pretzel “bones” and hot dog “mummies”, or molding gruesome cake pops.

Enchanting Candy Apples & Lollipops – Stock up on artisanal, small-batch candy apples lavished in dripping caramel, chocolate and nuts, plus lollipops sculpted into clever shapes like witches’ hats and Jack Skellington’s head.

Boxes of Boozy Confections – Indulge their grown-up sweet tooth with decadent boxes filled with liquor-infused truffles, chocolates spiked with spirits and wine, and adults-only gummies and brittles.

Howl-istically Haunt-ifying Gift Bundles

Howl istically Haunt ifying Gift Bundles

Can’t choose just one haunted treasure? Surprise them by bundling several spooky delights into one boo-tiful basket or crate:

Haunted Homestead Box – Fill a wicker basket with ghoulish home accents like a wreath, candles, cozy throw blanket and Halloween tree for instant ambiance.

Boos & Brews Basket – For spirited thrills, combine craft beers and novelty wine bottles with beer munchies, etched glassware and bottle openers with horror icons.

Triple Threat Trick or Treat Basket – Go all out with a trio of tricks (novelty props), treats (candy and snacks), and something bewitching like a black cat figurine or ouija board planchette pendant necklace.

Pampering Potion Crate – For all-night Fright Night glam, load up on bubbling bath brews, flickering candles, indulgent body treats and lush loungewear. Don’t forget a glamorous robe or slippers with vampy flair.

Ghostly Adventure Kit – Spark supernatural shenanigans by gifting legit ghost hunting gear like EMF meters, EVP recorders and UV flashlights along with notebooks for tracking evidence and sightings.

Halloween Hostess Must-Haves

For the Morticia Addams in your coven who loves throwing delightfully dreadful Halloween bashes, stock up on hosting essentials like:

Bone Chillers & Cauldrons – From lidded punch bowls designed to resemble human skulls and hollow femurs to cast iron cauldrons for brewing up ghastly good punches and mulled wines.

Haunted Stemware & Flatware – Set an eerily elegant table with wine glasses etched in cobwebs, skull-shaped goblets, and matte black cutlery patterned in delicate yet devilish motifs.

Wicked Serve & Snack Ware – Serve up snacks and sweets on playfully ghoulish plates, trays and servers sculpted into coffin shapes or topped with 3D elements like hands and talons. Think kitchenwares possessed by evil spirits!

Apothecary Accessories – Tap into that mad scientist vibe with retro glass potion bottles, vials and beakers perfect for potent potables. Mini mortar and pestles make the ultimate cocktail muddlers.


No matter how you choose to haunt your Halloween, there’s no better way to get into the spirit than by treating those closest to some spectacularly spooky surprises.

From the ghoulishly garbed to those who prefer their Hallows’ Eve with a side of humor, these boo-rrific halloween gift ideas are guaranteed to make the hair on the back of their neck stand straight up. So go forth and indulge that October obsession – if you’ve got it, haunters flaunt it!

FAQs About Halloween Gift Ideas

What are some good Halloween gift ideas for kids?

For kids, look for playful, not-too-scary gifts like plush monster toys, Halloween themed books, glow-in-the-dark items, pumpkin carving kits, candy buckets filled with treats, and kid-friendly costume accessories like capes, wigs or face paint. Avoid anything extremely gory or terrifying for young ages.

How can I find unique, handmade Halloween gifts?

Sites like Etsy are great for finding one-of-a-kind, handmade Halloween gifts from independent artists and makers. You can find custom decorations, jewelry, apparel, curiosities and more. Local craft fairs and boutiques are another option for unique, artisan-made gifts.

What are popular Halloween gift basket or bundle ideas?

Themed gift baskets and bundles are very popular for Halloween, like a “Haunted Homestead” basket with decor, a “Boos & Brews” set with beer and snacks, a “Pampering Potion” crate with bath items, or a “Ghostly Adventure Kit” with paranormal investigation gear. You can also create custom bundles yourself.

Are there good Halloween gift options for adults who don’t like being scared?

Absolutely! For those preferring a lighter, less intense vibe, consider classy gothic home accents, elegant stemware and barware, whimsical novelties with puns or humor, entertaining accessories for hosting parties, tasty treats like candy apples or boozy confections, and sophisticated pampering gift sets.

How far in advance should I shop for Halloween gifts?

It’s best to start shopping for Halloween gifts sometime in September or very early October. Unique, handmade items tend to sell out quickly, as do popular themed baskets and experiences like haunted houses or ghost tours. Shopping 4-6 weeks ahead ensures the best availability.

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