Gift Ideas For Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of life’s most joyful occasions. As friends and family prepare to meet the tiny new arrival, many will be looking for the perfect gift to give the new parents to celebrate the baby’s birth.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to settle on just the right present. To help make the gift search easier, we’ve put together this guide to some of the top gift ideas for baby that are sure to delight.

Practical Baby Essentials Gifts for Baby

Practical Baby Essentials Gifts for Baby

New parents can never have too many practical essentials on hand to get them through those whirlwind first months. Help stock their supply by gifting some useful baby basics they’ll reach for again and again:

  • Diapers – Pick up a jumbo pack of disposable diapers to help the new parents cover all those frequent changes. Go for sensitive or eco-friendly diaper brands to pamper baby’s skin.
  • Wipes – A stash of baby wipes will be a lifesaver for cleaning up messes on the go. Opt for fragrance-free wipes formulated for delicate skin.
  • Burp cloths – Absorbent and soft cotton burp cloths are perfect for catching dribbles and spit up. A whole pile of burp cloths is ideal for keeping baby clean and dry.
  • Bibs – Bibs save baby’s clothes during messy feedings. A set with multiple bibs in soft terrycloth, plastic or cloth makes a useful gift.
  • Hooded towels and washcloths – Extra soft hooded towels and washcloths come in handy bath time. Choose a pastel color or fun patterned set.
  • Nursing covers – For discreet breastfeeding when out and about, a lightweight nursing cover lets mom feel comfortable nursing in public.
  • Teething toys – Soothe baby’s sore gums with silicone teething rings and rattles designed just for chewing on.

Cozy Clothes Gift Ideas for Baby

Cozy Clothes Gift Ideas for Baby

You can never go wrong gifting sweet threads for baby’s first wardrobe. Pick soft styles in classic patterns or fun prints:

  • Onesies – No baby wardrobe is complete without staple onesies for layering. Choose short or long sleeve styles in cotton or buttery soft fabrics.
  • Sleepers – Comfy zip-up footed sleepers make bedtime a breeze and keep baby nice and cozy. Opt for breathable natural fibers.
  • Pants and leggings – Stretchy pants, leggings and jeggings work for play or dressy occasions. Leggings with ruffle bottoms are extra cute.
  • Rompers and dresses – Darling rompers, sundresses and baby doll tops are perfect for dress up days. Go for solids or sweet florals and stripes.
  • Jackets and sweaters – Top off any outfit with a snuggly lightweight jacket, sweater or cardigan. Shawl collars and sherpa lining add warmth.
  • Hats and mittens – Keep baby’s head and hands toasty with soft knit beanies, bonnets and mittens. Pick colors to complement the layette.
  • Socks and booties – Finish off baby’s looks with colorful socks and fuzzy booties. Look for anti-slip soles on booties.

Cuddly Blankets Gift Ideas for Baby

Cuddly Blankets Gift Ideas for Baby

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a newborn all bundled up in a cozy baby blanket. A blanket makes a treasured keepsake gift parents and baby will love:

  • Swaddle blankets – Lightweight swaddle blankets restrict startles and help baby sleep soundly. Large muslin or flannel blankets work beautifully.
  • Security blankets – Extra soft plush or silky blankets help baby self-soothe. Mini blankets are perfect for strollers, carriers and cribs.
  • Quilts – A handmade patchwork quilt makes an heirloom-quality blanket to cherish. Opt for natural fabrics and minimal embellishments.
  • Family name or date blankets – Custom blankets embroidered with baby’s name or birth date are such thoughtful mementos.
  • Hooded towels – Hooded towel and washcloth sets come in oversized versions that work great as blankets too.

Soothing Sleep Aids Gifts for Baby

Soothing Sleep Aids Gifts for Baby

Quality sleep is a top priority, so gifts that aid in relaxation and rest are always appreciated. Ideas that promote soothing slumber include:

  • Sound machines – White noise sound machines with womb, heartbeat or nature sounds help block disturbances and lull baby to sleep.
  • Baby bouncers – Gentle rocking in a padded newborn bouncer can calm fussy babies. Look for models with vibrations and music.
  • Bassinets – For parents keeping baby close by at first, a stylish bedside bassinet allows easy nighttime checks.
  • Crib mobiles – Mesmerizing mobiles with slowly spinning toys or lights entertain baby before naps or bed.
  • Crib wedges and positioning aids – Special wedges and aids position baby on their back at an incline to help with reflux and congestion.
  • Sleep sacks – Instead of loose blankets, sleep sacks keep baby warm and cozy without the risk of coming loose.

Nursery Accents Ideas for Baby

Help parents decorate their new baby’s room with sweet accents and furnishings:

  • Wall art – Liven up nursery walls with framed art prints, wall decals or canvas photos of baby.
  • Rugs – Cushy, cleanable area rugs in soft textures and whimsical prints add comfort underfoot.
  • Night lights – For middle of the night checks, a cute night light casts a gentle glow without fully waking baby.
  • Crib mobiles – Suspended mobiles with turning shapes and lullaby music entertain and soothe baby.
  • Storage – Pretty baskets, bins and shelving neatly corral toys, clothes and supplies.
  • Crib bedding – Complete the crib with fitted sheets, bumpers and quilts in coordinating patterns and colors.
  • Rocking chairs – A comfy rocker lets mom or dad gently sway with baby for feedings, cuddles and bonding.

Bath Time Basics Gift for Baby

Bath Time Basics Gift for Baby

Bath time is such fun for babies – help setup a safe, soothing space with bath time gifts:

  • Hooded towels – Snuggly oversized towels with cute hoods and ears bundle baby up after baths.
  • Washcloths – Ultra-soft washcloths gently cleanse delicate skin. Stock up on multiples that are OK to get dirty.
  • Baby bath tubs – Plastic tubs designed just for infants provide a secure, comfortable place for bathing.
  • Squirt toys – Fun water toys like rubber ducks, boats and dumping cups make splish-splashing more entertaining.
  • Bath caddies – Multi-compartment caddies corral all bath essentials in one place for easy access.
  • Bubble bath – Gentle tear-free formulas create bubbly fun minus the drying chemicals. Lavender scents can be calming.
  • Baby shampoo and wash – Extra gentle cleansers specially formulated for newborns keep bath time pleasant.
  • Baby lotion and oil – Hydrating lotions and soothing oils replenish and protect freshly bathed skin.

Feeding Favorites Gift Ideas for Baby

Gear that makes meals and snacks easier is always a real lifesaver for new parents. Smart feeding gift ideas include:

  • Bibs – Absorbent bibs in multipacks save baby’s clothing from dribbles and spills.
  • Burp cloths – Plush cloth diaper style burp cloths catch messes during and after feedings.
  • Bowls and utensils – Divided toddler dishes and soft tipped spoons are great for starting solids.
  • Bottle drying racks – Compact dishwasher safe racks neatly organize all the bottle parts during clean up.
  • Bottle sterilizers – Sterilizers use steam, UV or other methods to thoroughly disinfect bottles and accessories.
  • Bottle warmers – Quickly take the chill off refrigerated breastmilk or formula with a safe warmer.
  • Teethers – Soothe sore gums once teething starts with textured teethers made for chewing.
  • Sippy cups – Transition from bottles is easier with trainer cups that minimize spills.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby

Keepsake Gifts for Baby

Sentimental gifts that commemorate baby’s first days become priceless heirlooms. Unique ideas include:

  • Hand and foot casting kits – Make plaster molds of tiny hands and feet for cherishing baby’s initial size.
  • Ornament with baby’s photo – Honor baby’s first holiday with a custom ornament featuring their picture.
  • Baby book – Record milestones and memories in a timeless baby journal or memory book.
  • Birthstone jewelry – A necklace or bracelet engraved with baby’s birthstone makes a classic gift.
  • Personalized piggy bank – Start saving for the future with a cute piggy bank printed with baby’s name.
  • Monogrammed items – Add baby’s initials to plush robes, blankets, diaper bags and more.

Gear and Gadgets Gift Ideas for Baby

Innovative gear and gadgets make parenting duties a little bit easier. Help out with handy helpers like:

  • Baby carriers – Keep baby close hands-free with soft, ergonomic carriers for wearing baby.
  • Strollers – Maneuvering baby smoothly, today’s strollers fold compactly for travel and storage.
  • Car seat – A rear-facing infant car seat properly protects baby while out and about.
  • Baby monitor – Hear baby’s sounds from another room with audio and video monitors.
  • Diaper bag – Tote baby’s must-haves in a stylish, organized diaper bag.
  • Play mats and gyms – Cushy mats and activity gyms create a space for tummy time and play.
  • Bouncers – Gentle rocking soothes fussy babies with the help of cozy bouncers.
  • Swings – Rhythmic swinging motions lull cranky babies to sleep.
  • White noise machine – Shhhhhh…continuous white noise helps block disruptive household sounds.
  • Babywearing wraps – Long woven wraps let caregivers comfortably carry baby close.

Books and Toys Gift Ideas for Baby

Books and Toys Gift Ideas for Baby

Stimulate baby’s development with playful books and toys built for little hands. Fun learning tools include:

  • Board books – Sturdy books with tactile elements introduce baby to sights, sounds and textures.
  • Rattles and teethers – Grabbable toys with different grips build motor skills and entertain.
  • Activity mats and gyms – Mats and play gyms with dangling toys encourage interaction.
  • Stacking toys – Simple stacking and nesting toys build hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
  • Shape sorters – Matching each shape to its respective slot strengthens cognitive skills.
  • Ball sets – Squishy balls in different colors and sizes spark curiosity andjoy.
  • Push/pull toys – Easy grip toys that can be pushed or pulled build crawling skills.

Gift Baskets and Monthly Kits for Baby

Take the guesswork out of shopping with curated gift sets:

  • Monthly milestone kits – Prepacked boxes deliver age appropriate toys and keepsakes monthly.
  • Spa gift sets – Give mom self-care items like lotions, bubble bath and lip balm.
  • Diaper caddy – Fill a cute caddy with diapers, wipes, creams and changing pad.
  • Bathtime box – Include tub, towels, toys and toiletries for the perfect bath.
  • Feeding essentials – Bottles, bibs, utensils and more simplify meal times.
  • Nursery bundle – Sweet bedding, books, blankets and decor outfit their space.
  • Baby first aid – Bandages, thermometer, nasal aspirator and more form the basics.

Wrap Up

With so many wonderful gift options, it’s easy to find just the right way to welcome and celebrate baby. Focusing on gifts that provide help, comfort and joy will let the new parents know just how loved this precious new life really is. Any of these thoughtful gifts is sure to delight the whole family and give baby the best possible start to their new adventure.

FAQs About Gift Ideas for Baby

What are some of the most useful gifts for new parents?

Practical essentials like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and basic clothing items are always useful for new parents. Gift cards for stores like Target and Amazon also allow them to buy whatever they need most.

What baby gear items are helpful for new parents?

Gear like baby carriers, strollers, car seats, diaper bags, play mats and baby monitors make parenting duties easier with a new baby at home.

What types of blankets make the best baby gifts?

Soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or muslin make safe, cozy baby blankets. Swaddle blankets, security blankets, quilts and hooded towels are perfect for keeping baby comfortable.

How can I personalize a gift for a new baby?

Ideas like customized blankets with the baby’s name, birthstone jewelry, ornaments with the baby’s photo, and piggy banks with the baby’s name can all be personalized as keepsakes.

What are some ideas for new baby gift baskets or monthly kits?

Gift baskets can be themed around diapering, bath time, feeding, nursery, or milestone ages. Monthly subscription kits deliver age-appropriate toys and books right to the parents’ door.

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