Turning 33 is a milestone birthday that calls for a memorable gift. Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, sibling, friend or colleague, finding the perfect present can be tricky.

33rd Birthday Gift Ideas

This gift guide is packed with creative 33rd Birthday Gift Ideas to make their 33rd birthday special.

Gift Baskets Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Gift Baskets Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Gift baskets make great 33rd birthday presents. They allow you to customize a themed package with the recipient’s favorite snacks, self-care items, decor and more.

Food baskets – Fill a basket with gourmet snacks like cheese, crackers, wine, chocolate and fruit. Tailor it to their taste buds with sweet, savory, spicy or salty treats.

Coffee baskets – For the caffeine lover, include premium coffee beans, a French press or pour-over set, coffee mugs and biscotti.

Relaxation baskets – Help them unwind with bath bombs, scented candles, essential oils, loofahs, comfy slippers and face masks.

Game baskets – Pack a basket with playing cards, poker chips, dice, and mini travel versions of their favorite games.

Movie baskets – Fill with popcorn packets, cinema gift cards, DVDs of their favorite films, movie candy and a plush blanket.

Sports baskets – Include jerseys, hats, mini footballs or basketballs, tickets to a game, and stadium snacks.

Experience Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Give the birthday guy or gal something to do for their 33rd with a fun experience gift. Here are unique ideas to surprise them:

Hot air balloon ride – Float high above the landscape and take in gorgeous views. Look for groupon deals to save money.

Indoor skydiving – Let them check indoor skydiving or iFLY’ing off their bucket list. Fly through the air like a bird in a vertical wind tunnel.

Race car driving – Book a driving experience that lets them sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari or other fast luxury car on a racetrack.

Wine tasting or brewery tour – Tour beautiful wineries or breweries for tasting flights and behind-the-scenes tours.

Cooking class – Learn new culinary skills side-by-side at a specialized cooking class like sushi rolling, Italian pasta making,Couples cocktail mixology or baking techniques.

Pottery painting – Get creative decorating ceramics and sip wine at a paint your own pottery studio. They’ll have homemade mugs and dishes as memorabilia.

Luxury Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Luxury Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Commemorate their milestone 33rd birthday with an upscale splurge gift they’ll cherish:

Smart watch – Upgrade their tech game with an Apple Watch to track fitness and receive app notifications on the go. Choose a stylish leather or metal band.

Noise cancelling headphones – Treat them to Bose or Beats wireless headphones so they can listen to music and podcasts in peace.

Jewelry – Pick a personalized necklace, watch, ring or bracelet to mark the occasion. Opt for their birthstone or initials engraved on a timeless sterling silver or gold piece.

Designer bag or wallet – Splurge on a Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Prada handbag, clutch, backpack or leather wallet – bonus if it’s monogrammed.

Luxury beauty package – Pamper them with high-end skincare like La Mer products or give the gift relaxation with massage oils, scented candles and plush robes.

Premium spirits – Toast their milestone with Dom Perignon champagne, Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch or top shelf tequila they can proudly display.

Sentimental Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Sentiment goes a long way for a 33rd birthday. Tailor your gift to the relationship with personalized, nostalgic or handmade presents.

Photo books and frames – Make a custom photo book highlighting special memories you’ve shared. Or, put favorite pics in a personalized photo frame or collage blanket.

Throwback gifts – Give blast-from-the-past gifts like their childhood favorite stuffed animal, legos or action figure, record player, comic books, favorite snack or candy bar from back in the day.

Coupon book – Make them a cute booklet with homemade coupons for things like their favorite meal cooked by you, a wine night, a movie they pick, a chore pass or a romantic date night.

Scrapbook or memory jar – Fill a scrapbook or mason jar with nostalgic items like ticket stubs, handwritten notes, polaroids and other trinkets from your time together.

Engraved jewelry – Have a necklace, ring or bracelet engraved with “Happy 33rd”, their initials, “BFF” or a special date.

Handmade gift – Show you care with something homemade like a knit blanket, painting, pottery piece made by you, mix CD playlist of their favorite tunes or a poem.

Fun Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Fun Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Inject playfulness into their 33rd birthday with fun, unique gift ideas:

Cake in a can – Send them a birthday cake in a tin that actually explodes with confetti when opened – festive and delicious.

Beer making kit – Let them brew their own IPA, stout, ale or lager with an at-home beer making starter set.

Indoor mini bowling lane – Provide hours of entertainment with a mini bowling lane that sets up indoors – perfect for parties or family game night.

Giant yard games – Up the fun factor in their backyard with oversized Connect Four, Jenga, Twister or cornhole sets.

Karaoke machine – Amp up their home karaoke skills with a machine that syncs with Bluetooth to play tunes.

Adult party games – Try Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme?, Joking Hazard or Scene It for lots of laughs.

Subscription Boxes for 33rd Birthday

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription box tailored to the birthday guy or gal’s interests:

Coffee club – Satisfy their caffeine fix each month with different artisan whole bean or ground coffee.

Beer club – Fill their fridge with a monthly delivery of craft beers, ales, and IPAs from across the country.

Wine club – Let them sample different red, white and sparkling wines every month picked by sommeliers.

Book club – Bookworms will love a subscription to receive the latest hardcover book releases before they hit stores.

Makeup or grooming – Upgrade their self-care routine with monthly packages of makeup, skincare, shaving products, cologne, or beard products.

Snack club – Feed their inner foodie with monthly deliveries of artisan snacks from gourmet brands.

Unique Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

Unique Gift Ideas for 33rd Birthday

For a truly memorable 33rd birthday, give a gift they’d never expect:

Celebrity video message – Make their day hiring their favorite actor, athlete or comedian to record a custom bday video shoutout on Cameo.

Name a star – Let them name their own star; star registry kits come with a certificate and coordinates.

Oddity gift – Weird but conversation-starting gift ideas include adopting a cockroach, whale sperm whale adoption kit or fly larvae farm to grow fishing bait.

Plant a tree – Plant a tree in their name through The National Forest Foundation for a eco-friendly gift that keeps giving.

Polaroid camera – Revisit vintage photography with an instant camera to snap new memories.

Vinyl record – Press their favorite album onto vinyl or cut a personalized record with special songs and messages.

Final Words

In summary, the 33rd Birthday Gift Ideas are great excuse to think outside the (gift) box. Tailor presents to the recipient’s personality with foodie, relaxing, tech, adventurous or sentimental themes.

Make the day memorable by personalizing gifts with their name, monogram or favorite things. The gift ideas in this guide offer unique ways to celebrate turning 33 in style!

FAQs About 33rd Birthday Gift Ideas

What are some good 33rd birthday gifts for my wife?

Some great gift ideas for your wife’s 33rd birthday include a luxury package like jewelry or designer accessories, a couples massage or spa day, a sentimental photo book or memory quilt, or an experience gift like a weekend getaway or wine tasting tour.

What should I get my brother for his 33rd birthday?

For your brother’s milestone 33rd, consider gifting sports memorabilia like a signed jersey or tickets to a game, beer-themed gifts like a brewery tour or beer making kit, a grill or smoker, or a fun gaming gift like golf clubs or gaming console.

What are the best 33rd birthday gifts to get your girlfriend?

Romantic gifts your girlfriend will love include flowers, jewelry, a sentimental scrapbook, couples massage, tickets to a concert or show, a weekend trip, or pampering gifts like luxury skincare or perfume.

What do you get a 33 year old man for his birthday?

Great gift ideas for 33 year old men include tech gifts like drones, VR headset or smart watch, barware, grill or smoker, personalized sports gear, beer making kit or subscription box, or an experience like racecar driving.

What are good 33rd birthday gifts on a budget?

Affordable but thoughtful 33rd birthday gifts include a personalized photo calendar or mug, homemade coupon book, baked goodies, framed photos or art, playlist or mix CD, movie night basket, board games, or picnic packed with their favorite snacks and small cake.

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