Turning 19 is a major milestone – it marks the end of the teen years and the beginning of young adulthood. As your loved one embarks on this new chapter, you want to find the perfect gift to celebrate their 19th birthday. But buying presents for 19-year-olds can be tricky – they’re not quite kids anymore, but not fully grown up either.

19th Birthday Gift Ideas

To help you pick the perfect 19th birthday gift, here are some thoughtful ideas tailored to this unique age. From trendy tech gadgets to practical dorm room essentials, these gifts will delight any 19-year-old.

Tech Gifts for 19th Birthday

Tech Gifts for 19th Birthday

At 19, technology is a big part of everyday life. Upgrade your teen’s tech with these cool gadget gifts they’ll love.

  • Wireless Headphones – Teens are all about listening to music and podcasts on the go. Get them the latest Apple AirPods or stylish Beats headphones to keep them jamming in style.
  • Smart Watch – Fitbits, Apple Watches and other smart watches are top teen wish list items. Help them stay on top of notifications and track their fitness with a stylish, high-tech watch.
  • Portable Phone Charger – For the 19-year-old who’s always on their phone, a portable charger is a must. Look for a slim, powerful one they can toss in their bag or pocket.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Let them blast their favorite tunes poolside or during hangouts with a portable wireless speaker like JBL Clip or UE Boom.
  • Instant Camera – Fun, retro-inspired instant cameras like Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid Snap are back in style. Watch them have a blast snapping pics of friends.
  • Gaming Gear – Level up their gaming setup with gaming headphones, keyboards, controllers or gift cards for new games.

Dorm Room Essentials on 19th Birthday

Dorm Room Essentials on 19th Birthday

If your 19-year-old is heading off to college, make sure they have all the dorm room essentials by gifting:

  • Bedding – Dorm mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable, so nice sheets, pillows, mattress topper and comforter will help them rest easy.
  • Shower Caddy – A durable shower tote to cart all their bath supplies to the communal showers. Look for one with lots of pockets.
  • Desk Organizer – Help them keep their workspace tidy with acrylic trays, pencil cups, shelves and more dorm desk organization solutions.
  • Mini Fridge – Let them keep cold drinks and snacks close by with a compact fridge for their dorm. Look for fridges with separate freezer sections.
  • Robe & Slippers – After shared showers, a comfy robe and slipper set will be much appreciated. Look for ones in their favorite colors.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Scrub brushes, disinfectant wipes, stain remover and other cleaning basics will help them keep their room spotless.
  • Storage Bins & Organizers – Collapsible laundry hampers, stacking storage bins and under-bed organizers will maximize their limited dorm space.
  • Personal Care Appliances – Upgrade their daily routine with a blow dryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush and more. Help them feel pampered even in a dorm.
  • Fun Dorm Accessories – Photos of family and friends, string lights, throw pillows and posters will allow them to decorate and make their dorm feel more homey.

Care Packages 19th Birthday Gift Ideas

Care Packages 19th Birthday Gift Ideas

Send them off to college or fill their new apartment with thoughtful care packages full of:

  • Gift cards – Give them gift cards to nearby grocery stores, GrubHub, Starbucks, Amazon and Visa so they can stock up on essentials.
  • Snacks – Fill a plastic bin with non-perishable snacks like granola bars, popcorn, ramen noodles, hot chocolate and candy.
  • School supplies – Pens, highlighters, notebooks, sticky notes, binders and any other study supplies they might need for class.
  • First aid – Bandages, pain relievers, cold medicine, cough drops and other medical must-haves for any accidents or illnesses.
  • Laundry – Single-load laundry detergent pods, dryer sheets, stain remover sticks. Help them avoid laundromat runs.
  • Dorm cooking – Microwave popcorn, mac and cheese cups, instant oatmeal packets, ramen noodle soup, coffee and other quick meal options.
  • Personal care – Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant. Essentials they may forget to pack.
  • Cleaning – Disinfectant wipes, all-purpose spray, paper towels, hand soap. For scrubbing up spills and messes.
  • Gift cards – Include a few gift cards for campus cafes, restaurants, Amazon, GrubHub, etc. so they can quickly grab food on busy days.

Practical Adulting Gift Ideas for 19th Birthday

Practical Adulting Gift Ideas for 19th Birthday

Help prepare them for adulthood with useful gifts like:

  • Driver emergency kit – For the teen who just got their license, a roadside safety kit with jumper cables, flashlight, first aid supplies and more.
  • Tool kit – A basic starter tool kit will come in handy for minor furniture assembly and repairs around their home.
  • Cookware set – Upgrade their kitchen with stainless steel pots and pans, cooking utensils, baking sheets and more.
  • Insulated lunch bag – For carrying meals to work or school. Pick fun prints and patterns.
  • Home decor – Frames for their new place, cute throw pillows, lamps, area rugs. Let them show off their style.
  • Organization solutions – Calendar, wall planner, binders, filing boxes. Help them stay on top of schedules and paperwork.
  • Bath towels – High-quality bath towels in their favorite colors will make bath time feel more luxurious.
  • Bedding – Duvet covers, soft sheets, cozy blankets. For their new grown-up bed.
  • Handy devices – Digital kitchen scale for recipes, Echo Dot for hands-free music and reminders, wireless printer for schoolwork. Useful gadgets.

Experiential Gifts & Activities for 19th Birthday

Experiential Gifts Activities for 19th Birthday

Make memories together with these experience gifts:

  • Concert or game tickets – Score seats to see their favorite musician, comedian, sports team or Broadway show.
  • Trip or getaway – Book a weekend trip to a fun city, cabin camping excursion, spa retreat. Ideal for teens leaving home or graduating high school.
  • Dinner and activity – Take them to a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant followed by mini golf, arcade, concert or other fun outing.
  • Subscription box – Find a monthly subscription box suited to their interests, like books, crafts, puzzles, gaming or snacks. Surprise deliveries.
  • Online classes – Let them develop their skills or passions with virtual classes in art, music, baking, photography, coding and more.
  • Sporting event – Get them into a sport they love by gifting them tennis lessons, a yoga studio membership, surfing session. Great for fitness and meeting people.
  • Amusement park – Season passes to Six Flags, Disneyland, Universal. For teens who love coasters.
  • Room makeover – Hire an interior decorator to give their bedroom a stylish adult makeover. Include them in the design decisions.
  • Couples massage – For a 19-year-old in a relationship, a spa package with massages and facials for two makes a romantic gift.

Summertime Fun Box Ideas for 19th Birthday

Summertime Fun Box Ideas for 19th Birthday

Fill a box with goodies for having fun in the sun:

  • Beach towel, swimsuits, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen. For beach and pool days.
  • Inflatable pool floats – Giant swans, unicorns, pizza slices. For floating in style.
  • Waterproof speaker – For pool parties and beach tunes.
  • Beach reads – Bestseller books, magazines, Sudoku, crossword puzzles. Reading material for lounging poolside.
  • Outdoor games – Bocce ball, spikeball, KanJam. For playing backyard games.
  • BBQ tools – Cool corn holders, skewers, grill tongs, apron. For grilling.
  • Citronella candles – Keep bugs away for al fresco dining.
  • Skincare – Sunscreen, lip balm, aloe vera. Soothe sunburns.
  • Picnic blanket, cooler, utensils, napkins, cups. For impromptu picnics.
  • Hydration – Water bottles, electrolyte packs, juices. Stay cool and hydrated.
  • Snacks – Chips, popcorn, granola bars, fruit. Curb hunger after swimming.
  • Gift cards – Ice cream shops, smoothie bowls, summery restaurants. Treat them to cool sweet treats.

Trendy Clothes & Accessories for 19th Birthday Gift

Trendy Clothes Accessories for 19th Birthday Gift

Give their wardrobe a refresh with stylish apparel like:

  • Oversized sweatshirts – Baggy, comfy hoodies and crewnecks are everywhere right now. Go for soft fabrics like fleece in solid colors or subtle patterns.
  • Bike shorts – Form-fitting bike shorts are perfect for wearing with oversized sweatshirts or big t-shirts.
  • Patterned socks – Ankle socks in fun, eclectic prints and colors are a great accessory.
  • Fanny pack – Fanny packs are back in style. Find one big enough to hold their phone, keys and more.
  • Beaded bracelets – Stacked bead bracelets in bright pops of color are very on trend.
  • Hair accessories – Scrunchies, silk headscarves, barrettes. Upgrade their hairstyle.
  • Retro sneakers – Classic Adidas, Reeboks or new takes on throwback styles.
  • Oversized sunglasses – Big, bold sunglasses are the it-accessory. From aviators to geometric shapes.
  • Printed face masks – Face masks are still a wardrobe essential. Gift packs of reusable printed masks.
  • Initial pendant necklace – Delicate gold or silver necklaces with their initial.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for 19th Birthday

Jewelry makes a keepsake gift they can wear for years. Popular picks include:

  • Personalized necklace – With their name, initial or birthstone.
  • Engraved bracelet – Mark special dates like their birthday or graduation year on a gold or silver cuff.
  • Monogram ring – Initial rings are trendy. Choose their birthstone or favorite gemstone.
  • Diamond studs – A classic pair of small diamond earrings.
  • Stacking rings – Thin bands in gold, silver, rose gold that can be layered.
  • Watch – Sleek leather or stainless steel watches for both guys and gals. Go for a stylish minimalist design.

For The Home Gift Ideas for 19th Birthday

For The Home Gift Ideas for 19th Birthday

If they’ve moved into their own place, make it more homey with:

  • Rug – A plush shag or colorful patterned rug adds coziness to any space.
  • Wall art – Gallery wall with photos, paintings, prints. Pull colors from their decor.
  • Accent chair – A cute accent chair adds a splash of color and extra seating space.
  • House plants – Mini succulents, snake plant, pothos. Greenery livens up shelves and tables.
  • Towels – Plush bath and hand towels in their fave colors.
  • Coffee table books – Visually appealing books double as decor.
  • Candles – Candles make great mood lighting and scented ambiance.
  • Rugs – Plush bath mats and area rugs add coziness underfoot.
  • Bedding – Duvet cover, sheet set, pillows for a master bedroom upgrade.
  • Storage – Woven baskets, fabric bins, decorative boxes for chic organization.
  • Pantry essentials – Oil, spices, condiments, snacks. Staples for whipping up meals.

Sentimental Gift Ideas for 19th Birthday

Gift something heartfelt and meaningful:

  • Picture frame – Fill with a collage of childhood photos for a nostalgic walk down memory lane.
  • Scrapbook or photo album – Compile their school photos, family vacations, and special memories.
  • Custom map – Mark meaningful places like where they were born, childhood homes, schools.
  • Personalized book – Compile family recipes, memories, well wishes into a sentimental book.
  • Monogrammed jewelry box – For storing cherished jewelry keepsakes. Include a handwritten love note inside.
  • Throw blanket – Custom embroider it with their name or monogram.
  • Spotify playlist – Make a playlist of their favorite songs from over the years. Print the QR code.
  • Coupon book – Handmake a book of coupons for quality time together – movie night, dinner, arcade trip and more.

Wrap Up

Hopefully these ideas have sparked inspiration on finding the perfect 19th birthday gift! Remember to choose a gift that aligns with their current interests and hobbies. Personalize it with their name or monogram when possible.

And include a thoughtful card reminiscing on memories and expressing how proud you are of the amazing adult they’ve become. With a gift from the heart, you’re sure to make their 19th birthday one they’ll never forget.

FAQs About 19th Birthday Gift Ideas

What are good 19th birthday gifts for guys?

Great gift ideas for 19-year-old guys include tech gadgets like headphones, gaming gear, tools, clothing items like sneakers and sweatshirts, sports equipment for their favorite hobbies, dorm room essentials, and gifts cards for online shopping and food delivery.

What do you give a 19 year old boy who has everything?

If they seem to have everything already, give experiences and activities like concert, game or theme park tickets, skydiving or surfing lessons, a mini golf or arcade day, or plan a fun outing like hiking, go-karts or paintball. A gift card for UberEats or GrubHub is also great since snacks are always appreciated!

What should I get my 19-year-old daughter for her birthday?

Thoughtful 19th birthday gift ideas for daughters include jewelry like earrings, bracelets or necklaces, designer handbags or wallets, makeup and beauty products, tickets to see her favorite musician or comedian, dorm room decor, trendy clothes and accessories, a care package full of her favorite snacks and study supplies, and sentimental photo keepsakes.

What should I buy my 19 year old?

Some great gift ideas for 19-year-olds include wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, PopSockets and phone accessories, instant cameras, sentimental photo keepsakes, cozy dorm bedding, coffee gift cards, skincare products, squishmallows and fidget toys, gift cards for online shopping, streaming services, and food delivery, and trendy clothes like sweatshirts, sneakers, and accessories.

What do 19 year olds want for their birthday?

Most 19-year-olds love gifts like the latest tech gadgets, money and gift cards, concert or event tickets, clothing and accessories that are trendy, video games and gaming gear, tools and toolkits, dorm room essentials if they just moved away for college, keepsakes like photo albums, and experiences like escape rooms, amusement parks, and trips with friends.

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